Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Manchester is well renowned for its work in the creative arts. From its actors such as Christopher Eccleston, its singers such as The Smiths to its fashion designers such as Henry Holland and artists such as L.S Lowry, its contribution to creativity is much celebrated throughout the UK and the world. Manchester has housed some of the most wonder exhibitions over the past few years throughout its various museums and art galleries in and around the City, that I have had the privilege of visiting since I've been living back in here. From art to fashion, photography to illustration, paintings to design, it's showcased and given birth to some of the most iconic artists and designers the UK has to offer.

Up until the 27th November, Manchester Art Galery is housing the 'Fashion & Freedom' exhibition. A look at the style and fashion that women were wearing during the first world war years of 1914-1918, but with a modern and contemporary twist. Contributions from major and emerging designers from around the UK such as Vivienne Westwood and Holly Fulton alongside each other was fantastic to see, with each individual designer stamping their own style on the inspired pieces from the period, yet having a real cohesiveness between them to bring together a wonderful tribute to the ladies that still managed to remain stylish, even through dark and horrific times. It enabled the women of the period to really be free, in the sense that for the first time in British history, women were encouraged to work whilst their husbands and lovers were out fighting for their country.

Modern and contemporary pieces in the collection, mirror historical pieces from the time that have been put on display from the British Fashion Councils archive, including corsets and undergarments and really allows the talent of the emerging designers who have contributed to the exhibition to shine for the public to see. Also alongside the clothes, a lineup of small documentaries and short films have also been specially created to complement the pieces that are on display in the gallery.

The exhibition is perfect for any fashion lover, or to be honest, any lover of the creative arts in general. It showcases beautiful craftsmanship and is a must see for anyone looking for some creative inspiration or looking to learn a bit of history from the hard working, dedicated ladies that were given the freedom that they thoroughly deserved at the time. Let me know what you guys thought of the exhibition if you've visited it, in the comments below and as always, let's be social:

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