Sunday, 13 March 2016


For the past one hundred years, British Vogue has been a shining beacon of fashion, culture, style, beauty and photography for its readers. And so The National Portrait Gallery in London has put together an exhibition of some of Vogue's best work to showcase to fashion lovers. It charts everything from its more artistic, hand-drawn logos of the early 1920s right up to its current digital and more modern issues in 2016, an event that is surely not to be missed.

But what will you find there? Well, showcasing at the event is everyone that has contributed to the magazine in some way, from models such as Kate Moss in her knickers and a military, Union Jack leather jacket shot by Mario Testino, to the late Princess Diana in a wedding dress and a smile to die for.

From designers to models, celebrities to where is best to eat in London and what is happening right now in a forever growing and creative world, Vogue has covered everything and the exhibition showcases it brilliantly. Starting from the modern era and working its way backwards right back to 1916 and the first ever magazine itself.

You can also get a chance to see the covers that have graced our newsstands for over a century, get a look at how they've changed through the decades and how they've shaped to reflect their time through style and the cultures over the years.

For me, Vogue is the absolute definition of what fashion is, was and will be in the future, and this is most definitely an exhibition I will be attending before its closure in May, you can find out more information about the exhibit here, including where to get tickets and how to get to The National Portrait Gallery.

Don't forget to let me know what you guys thought of the exhibit once you've been, and as always let's be social:

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