Tuesday, 10 December 2013

December 2013: My Week On Instagram Part I

Now normally I don't really do articles that involve personal stuff in my life but I've been really getting into Instagram recently, because it's a way for me to do amateur photography in a fun way! But I've also noticed that people are really getting into it themselves, posting their pictures and photography skills of food, nights out, clothes we adore and lust over or epic scenery made even more epic by epic filters (was that enough epicness?) The little app has revolutionized the way we take pictures on our phones and revolutionized the way in which we share our creativity for people to see on the internet, so here it is my week on Instagram.

November Cover Story: Alexa Chung
A little treat on my dinner hour

Drunk on Canal Street with my betch
Spending some time with fashion mags'

A treat from MAC make-up
Spending some time with Mum: Bag_Gal

A pug candle from Urban Outfitters
Cute Christmas penguins from Lush

So guys if you want to see more of me on Instagram, check out my profile and follow me, let me know what your favourite kind of photography on Instagram is below and don't forget to tweet us: @TREND__FASHION

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