Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December 2013: Alexa Chung 'It' Book Review

So a few weeks ago I purchased Alexa Chung's 'It' from Urban Outfitters and I finally got a chance to finish it. It's a breath of fresh air for any die hard Alexa fan or for that matter any fashion fan too, but just what exactly puts the "it" in the it girl's fabulous writing creation. Now based in New York, the former model has done pretty much every single thing you can do in the fashion industry (apart from design her own clothes, which would be of course the fiercest and most wanted collection on the catwalk).

From fashion, hair and beauty tips, to pictures of her life (including some shameless selfies), her thoughts on haircuts and lipsticks, thoughts on her first modelling picture at the age of sixteen, doodles and opinions of her idols including Anna Wintour, Kate Moss and Karl Lagerfeld, this little pink book's got everything, I like to think of the book as a diary of her thoughts and pictures that her sixteen year old self would have wrote down and would stick above her bed for inspiration (don't lie, we all stuck pictures of The Spice Girls and The Fresh Prince above our beds). Or I suppose you could think of it as a Pinterest board of things and inspiration from different times of her life with Instagram pictures (you need to follow her on Instagram too if you're not already @CHUNGALEXA).

My favourite line from the book? Without a doubt would be "I have to start putting my nail varnishes in the fridge to keep them nice, but now there's nowhere to keep the butter" purely because it reminded me of a close friend who is beyond obsessed with painting her nails to the point where most people take their gay friends clothes shopping, but she takes me nail varnish shopping. I finished the book with a different approach to any other, sure I put it down wanting to read it again, but I also put it down wondering what it was I actually just read, was it a fashionistas dream of mixing all your ideas and Instagram pictures in a published form, was it a look into Alexa's childhood and inner thoughts? For me, I found it a good read, not for the price though, I most definitely went away wanting more Alexa.

Thoughts on Alexa's 'It'? Leave those below, oh and don't forget you can tweet me: @TREND__FASHION
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