Monday, 25 November 2013

November 2013: Thank God It's Friday: 100 Cocktails As Art Event!

"Thank God It's Friday" four little words that make pretty much the entire working population relived and happy that the working week is over for us to party, get drunk, lounge in our undies, relax and watch films, and enjoy the fact that we don't have to sit behind our desks for at least another two days. So when Manchester's T.G.I.F's asked me to join them for their 'One Hundred Cocktails As One Hundred Pieces Of Art' last Friday I jumped at the chance, as I was able to rejoin the art world that I hadn't really had much time for over the past few years (plus there were three free cocktails up for grabs, who wouldn't love that). The atmosphere was buzzing with Manchester bloggers, fashionistas, cocktail lovers, talented mixoligists, and of course PR people making sure that the event was running smoothly. My three cocktails of choice? A new one of their collection Popping Candy Strawberry Margarita, the classic Cosmopolitan and because of course I only wanted to see you dancing in the . . . yep you guessed it, Purple Rain.

There was some ace entertainment too,  from magic with the awesome Ron (@RonIsMagic) to cocktail shaking, flaring (where you throw around cocktails shakers and glasses, which we of course had a go at) to creating our own art. It was a brilliant night, and a great chance to chat to some local bloggers and fashionistas including the guys from Manchester Fashion Week and fashion blogger Lily Kitten.  So next time you find yourself wondering what to do on a Friday night or even one day during the week, you should most definitely check out their new cocktail range afterall, in T.G.I.F's everyday is Friday!

What are your favourite cocktails? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us: @TREND__FASHION and hashtag: #TGIF

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