Monday, 25 November 2013

November 2013: Thank God It's Friday: 100 Cocktails As Art Event!

"Thank God It's Friday" four little words that make pretty much the entire working population relived and happy that the working week is over for us to party, get drunk, lounge in our undies, relax and watch films, and enjoy the fact that we don't have to sit behind our desks for at least another two days. So when Manchester's T.G.I.F's asked me to join them for their 'One Hundred Cocktails As One Hundred Pieces Of Art' last Friday I jumped at the chance, as I was able to rejoin the art world that I hadn't really had much time for over the past few years (plus there were three free cocktails up for grabs, who wouldn't love that). The atmosphere was buzzing with Manchester bloggers, fashionistas, cocktail lovers, talented mixoligists, and of course PR people making sure that the event was running smoothly. My three cocktails of choice? A new one of their collection Popping Candy Strawberry Margarita, the classic Cosmopolitan and because of course I only wanted to see you dancing in the . . . yep you guessed it, Purple Rain.

There was some ace entertainment too,  from magic with the awesome Ron (@RonIsMagic) to cocktail shaking, flaring (where you throw around cocktails shakers and glasses, which we of course had a go at) to creating our own art. It was a brilliant night, and a great chance to chat to some local bloggers and fashionistas including the guys from Manchester Fashion Week and fashion blogger Lily Kitten.  So next time you find yourself wondering what to do on a Friday night or even one day during the week, you should most definitely check out their new cocktail range afterall, in T.G.I.F's everyday is Friday!

What are your favourite cocktails? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us: @TREND__FASHION and hashtag: #TGIF

Sunday, 17 November 2013

November 2013: Cover Story: Alexa Chung

Model, journalist, TV presenter, fashion enthusiast. Vogue called her a phenomenon and Mulberry even named a handbag after her. She sits on the front row of all the major fashion players, chills with the likes of Victoria BeckhamKelly Osbourne and Harry Styles and is the 'it' girl in everything to do with fashion with her cool style and gorgeous physique, it is of course Alexa Chung.

She started small like we all do, modelling for teenage magazines and other companies like Urban Outfitters before leaving the modelling behind because of a development of low self-esteem (fuck the haters in my opinion, we're all perfect in this world). After becoming a TV personality she returned to modelling and became the face of so many different companies who wanted this girl to be theirs: DKNY jeans, New Look, Lacoste, Superga, this girl was doing good for herself! She also developed a journalism career for the fashion magazine Company (perfect for quirkyness) and has gone on to write and contribute for the holy bible of fashion journalism: Vogue, interviewing such giants as Karl Lagerfeld and Christopher Kane. She is looked upon as a style icon and people marvel over what she wears and how she wears it. Her latest move: writing her book 'It' is very much about her, but with a much more personal take to it, I like to think of the book as a sort of typical students mood board they'd have on the wall, but in book form. There's doodles, photographs with friends, childhood memories, thoughts on lipsticks, haircuts, selfies and endless lists of famous people she thinks are fabulous (Mick Jagger and Kate Moss to name a couple).

If I'm honest, I hadn't really heard of Alexa till maybe about twelve months ago when a friend of mine was like "what the fuck, call yourself a fashionista!" Which got me thinking that this girl must be someone to marvel over immediately if not sooner. I've wanted Alexa on the cover from the day I got on my little laptop and did some research about who she is, and here we go, boom, she's here! I've become obsessed with the fashion obsesser, I'm all about her style, her look, her cool laid back attitude to the busy, hectic world of fashion and of course her new book 'It' (which I've just purchased from the wonderfully eclectic Urban Outfitters, and I'll be posting a review up once I've read it). But overall this girl really is the 'it' girl for and in fashion. She plays around with her style and isn't afraid too. She's conquered pretty much every single fashion job you can get except for one, yep you know what I'm thinking, fashion designer of course. H&M are the best company for collaborations in my opinion (their latest one with Isabel Marant is simply to die for) and I'm pretty sure that if Alexa was to bring a line out, just like it's creator, it would certainly be the 'it' collection to have in  your wardrobe for all of eternity.

What do you think of Alexa? Leave us your opinions about her, her style and her book below and tweet us: @TREND__FASHION and use the hashtag: #AlexaChungIt.

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