Sunday, 13 October 2013


So on Thursday night photographers, celebrities, models, bloggers, designers, editors, shoppers, writers and quiet a vast majority of Mancunian fashionistas joined the Vogue team in braving the bitter cold to celebrate their 5th annual Fashion Night Out, which this year was hosted in my home town of Manchester (a very proud moment, not just for myself I would imagine but for all fellow Mancunian fashionistas). The city was alive and buzzing with people who all shared the same reason to be there, for the shopping, the discounts, the cocktails, the live music and the buzz of seeing some of the most respected and loved editors and designers in the British fashion industry.

We started our night with the high street and to the Boohoo bus, where there were goodie bags, make-up tutorials, nail painting stations, loud music (which we loved) oh and clothes of course, lots and lots of clothes to marvel over. We then headed in The Arndale Centre and to River Island where we obtained some lovely cocktails.

Topshop was our next port of call, where we started with a #PuckerUp kiss for the chance to win a VIP weekend in London! (Who cares if I'm a guy, hand me the lipstick). Next we listened to Topshop's creative director and editor at Vogue Kate Phelan talk about the new season at Topshop, what every girl should have in her wardrobe, the key pieces at to have for Autumn/Winter 2013 and also what it's like to work for one of the biggest and most influential magazines on the newsstand. Kate went on to talk about how we the ordinary, everyday people who walk around the streets with our provocative style influence and shape Vogue into what it is. "There is no other country in the world like the UK for it's street style, honestly if you go to another country in search for it, it all feels so put on, here no matter what City you're in, it all feels so natural and so flawless", it was so inspiring to hear.

And so after Topshop, we left the high street for the designer and what better designer place to start than Selfridges! There was so much going on in-store, from a live DJ and beautiful male models wondering the store, to popcorn vending machines and crepes, from a photograph session in a giant Selfridges bag to the shopping itself of course, there was so much fun happening! We also headed to the MAC make-up counter where my friends tried pretty much every lipstick they have on their counter (MAC make-up is a personal favourite for most of my friends/family and I have to say if I was a woman, I'd definitely be using it myself).

Earlier in the night we got stopped by two awesome Gap scouts on Market Street who told us they loved our style, which prompted our final visit of the evening, which was to Gap of course! We got our Vogue Tee's, an oreo smoothie (which was the most delicious thing I've ever had) and we tweeted in a vote off with three fabulous styled looks for the evening (the one below was my favourite #YouveBeenSpotted #VFNOxGAP).

I want to end this post by saying a massive thank you to everyone that made the night so amazing, the retailers, the shops, the DJ's and of course the guys at Vogue, the event was such a joy to attend, and I certainly hope that you return very soon for another amazing night of shopping, fun and fashion! 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

October 2013: Cover Story: Michelle Dockery

She's fierce, she's serious, she knows what she wants from life (and that's just the character of Lady Mary Crawley she plays on Downton Abbey). But beyond that Michelle is fashion fierce on the red carpet making spectators, fans, celebrities and paparazzi stop and go 'wow'. "She deserves to be on the cover"; we thought so too.

Michelle plays the role of Lady Mary to a key, you can even see how the character has grown over the four series, particularly with the death of her on screen husband Matthew Crawley lately (played by Dan Stephens) and how it changed her. It is fantastic to see how the lives and stories of on screen characters you love, grow and change in time, if I'm honest I've never actually seen Michelle in any other production/film/TV series to date, but I have no objection to the idea of her running around with The Doctor through time and space with a Northern accent, or perhaps even solving riddles, puzzles and murders in Sherlock Holmes? (But we'll leave that thought to the guys at the BBC). Her own personal style is something to marvel over too, with countless beautiful red carpet looks and dresses (my favourite being the white Alexandre Vauthier Couture), which she wore to the Golden Globes with it's golden lace neckline detailing, it was perfection and a true statement and dedication to the character of Lady Mary Crawley she plays on Downton Abbey, sophisticated, classy, timeless and beautiful, all in one dress. I remember the feeling of seeing the very first episode of Downton Abbey that aired, I was excited, drawn in, mesmerized and inspired by the clothes, the looks, the outfits, the stories of upstairs crossed over with downstairs. It was like nothing I'd seen before on T.V, and it was the first series to draw me into period drama (before that my Mum always tried to convince me to watch such series as Sense & Sensibility, among others). But Downton was different, I was so drawn in by the clothes, the characters, the story lines that it became law that every Sunday after eating my Mum's Sunday roast dinner we'd sit down with a nice cup of tea in front of the telly and watch the characters stories unfold week by week for an hour as if nothing else in the world mattered (we're very typically British and Northern in our house). 

I found Lady Mary to be the most interesting character in the series by far. I was mesmerized by how strong, independent and 'right' she always was, she was so controversial not just with her life but also with her clothes and style. I love how they reflected her mood, her story and her personality so well. In the latest series the character of  Lady Rose MacClare (played by Lily James) reflects that perfectly with her outspoken and 'in yer face' kind of character (outside the dinning room and in what were dance clubs and cocktail bars in their early days of course). Her clothes and costumes are perfection, elegant and sexy but very of their time, it's also interesting and amazing to go back to the start of the first series and seeing just how much the clothes, the hair, the style, and the personalities of every single woman has evolved, grown and changed from the beginning of 1912 not just in Downton but in real life too. Who knows what women will be wearing in another hundred years, but whatever it is, one thing is for sure, women will always be sexy, strong, bold, indpendent and feminine in what they wear, who they are, and what they do in life as depicted brilliantly by Lady Mary and Michelle.

What do you think of Michelle's style, Downton Abbey and the character of Lady Mary Crawley? Leave us a comment below or tweet us your thoughts: @TREND__FASHION

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