Saturday, 21 September 2013

September 2013: Getting Quiffy With It

So recently, I've seen a certain hairstyle become more and more popular not just with the celebrities but with people everywhere, guy or gal; It doesn't matter, the quiff is super popular right now. And of course I fell in love and it prompted me to restyle my own hair to something completely different. It started with the greasers and teddy boys in the 1960's, had a triumphant return in the 1980's with the help of some backcombing and plenty of hairspray, and now the quiff is making a comeback everywhere in 2013! Here's a look at some of my favourite celebrities with quiffs (prepare the hairspray).

Anne Hathaway
David Beckham

Charlize Theron
Henry Holland

Miley Cyrus
Zac Efron

What do you think about quiffs? Yay or nay? Leave us a comment below or tweet us: @TREND__FASHION

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  1. Totally yay !! LOVE MILEYYY ! Even though She has been a bit crazy ! But who said crazy isn't cool })
    Great blog :) Keep it up doll :)xx
    Marlene xo


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