Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April 2013: Style File, Lady Margaret Thatcher & That Iconic Hair Style

So a couple of days ago, I turned on the news and discovered that Lady Margaret Thatcher had passed away, so I thought it only right that I do a tribute, not just to her politics, but of course to her style. So here it is, a countdown of her best styling and most iconic looks, a mix up of blue suits, ladylike bags and not forgetting those pearls.

No. 5
 The Hair

Every powerful woman has one, an iconic hairstyle of course! The Queen, Marilyn Monroe, and Lady Margaret of course. It is the hairstyle that had carried her through most of her political career and an iconic one of that, being something that has been instantly recognisable to people everywhere around the world. 

No. 4
The Pearls

The pearl, worn by so many strong women as a sign of femininity, strength and independence including women such as Coco Chanel and The Queen. They were Lady Margaret's signature jewel and a jewel that was to be taken seriously.

No. 3

The iconic colour was worn by an iconic conservative. The colour of blue of course is the colour that represents the party she led as the first woman Prime Minister in the UK, EVER! (And what a fabulous colour it is to represent with).

No. 2
Power Suits

A big 80's trend for women, the power suit, with of course big shoulders, which made women feel superior, sexy and more feminine that what a man could do with a suit, ever.

No. 1
The Ladylike bag

What would a woman do without a handbag? She would probably feel undressed without one! Lady Margaret never went a day without a ladylike bag by her side, using it as a statement against men, as if to say ' Move over boys, I'm in charge!'

What do you think of Lady Margaret Thatcher's style? comment below, and as always, let's be social:

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