Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January 2013: The Young Apprentice And Beyond!

Ever since the show began, I've watched contestants battle it out to win amazing investments from probably one of the countries best and most formidable businessmen: this man, of course, is Lord Alan Sugar. Patrick McDowell was part of the 2012 Young Apprentice competition, a young fashion designer who creates clothes and accessories for women and although he didn't win, he did an extremely good job at getting into the finals. I caught up with Patrick to see how he's getting on after his experience with Lord Alan Sugar and the show.

"I have always been creative and I love that I can use this creativity within fashion design to make a wearable product, for me it is much more interesting combining creativity and wearability. When brought together you create a walking piece of art that is magical to behold."

"Liverpool style and fashion are known for being big and over the top, for example, the girls in their rollers when shopping or the 10-inch heels. Whilst it is loud, it is fun and outgoing. I would much rather be in a city with people who express themselves than in one with those who do not."

"In 5 years time I will be studying fashion design at St Martins university in London , whilst still building my own label. I am currently looking for a sponsor to fund my further education and would urge anyone to get in touch."

"Three big trends I am looking forward to for Spring/Summer 13 are Plastic, Whites, and Metallics. I love layering, clean lines and a little bit of sparkle so all these are perfect for me."

"The Young Apprentice taught me to be much more business savvy, I am now much more on the ball and feel that I have also developed my approachability tremendously."

In the near future, I will be producing my signature bags and selling them online and in selected boutiques. Watch this space.

I don't have style icons but instead, create a style, I do not want to follow in the footsteps of others, but create my own footsteps in fashion.

British Fashion is excellent, it is experimental, interesting, different and above all creative. Thankfully it has not been bitten by the commercial bug as in New York and this is why it does so well. People who want the most creative clothing come to London

When shopping on the high street my favourite store is Zara, then I go to vintage and charity shops and have a secret love for Marks & Spencer!

All my clothes have been adjusted or altered in some way by me, my wardrobe is a mix of 'made by McDowell' and 'butchered by McDowell'.

The most expensive piece of clothing in my wardrobe is actually one of my dresses, 'Bubbles of the Sea' it's a 100% silk dress which I hand dyed and then made, it is so lovely I couldn't bare to sell it. 

To anyone wanting to progress in fashion, find your voice and sing as loud as you can. Shrinking violets won't cut it.

I loved seeing Patrick on the show, and I have loved looking through the images he has sent me, and the work on his website, you can check out some more of Patrick's fantastic work on his website, which I thoroughly recommend http://patrickmcdowell.co.uk/ or you can tweet him @a_boy_who_sewed. What is your opinion on Patrick and his work? Leave a comment below and as always, let's be social:

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