Thursday, 31 January 2013


The first ever song I heard from Florence And The Machine was her cover of 'You've Got The Love' and from that moment on, I was hooked and anticipated more and more albums and singles to be released from this wonderfully talented woman, but one big question that bugged me for months was who are 'The Machine?'

There is something mesmerising and wonderful not just about her music and lyrics but also her voice, a unique one that I had never heard anything like and something I admire in this performer. Her album to follow from her cover of 'You've Got The Love', 'Ceremonials' remains to be one of my all time favourite albums with the songs 'Only If For The Night', 'Shake It Out', 'What The Water Gave Me', 'Never Let Me Go', 'Breaking Down', 'Lover To Lover', 'No Light, No Light' & 'Spectrum' remaining my favourites from the album with another live album 'MTV Unplugged' which showcased live versions of the songs after her second album was released. Her live performance of 'What The Water Gave Me' at Chanel's Spring/Summer 12 catwalk show was also mesmerising, with the song fitting in perfectly to the theme of the show of sea life and underwater. Standing inside a huge, oversized shell only to be relieved around 10 minutes into the show whilst the models strutted their stuff flaunting the wonder and magic that only Chanel could flaunt.

Her fashion and style have also been something that mesmerises me, in the fact that her clothes always seem to have a simplicity to them with their lines but are beautiful and eye-catching to look at. My favourite outfit she wore has to be the purple, Gucci, V-neck dress for the LACMA 2012 Art & Film Gala. The simplicity of the dress mixed with the sexiness of the low neckline and exposed back and with fabulous gold accessories gave out a feeling and look of sheer class and style. From chic to simple, edgy prints to head to toe colour, there isn't anything Florence can pull off. So what's in store for her in the future; well, of course, I anticipate more music from her but also I'd love to her collaborate with a high street store such as Topshop, just as we've seen with Rihanna for River Island and Lana Del Rey for H&M. I think if you could compare her style with any high street store I instantly think of Topshop, it's a fun, young, a daring brand which is exactly how I see Florence's style, daring, fun and chic. 

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