Monday, 12 November 2012

November 2012: Sharlene's Winter Wishlist!

It has rolled round to that time of the year again when I feel like my supply of clothes is dwindling down to a dangerously low level. In reality, my wardrobe is quite literally overflowing. In all honesty, I am no fan of winter; it seems pointless to even attempt to dress up when all you’re going to do is stick a coat on top. Every winter I stare at the vibrant rows of summer outfits in my wardrobe, and breathe a heavy sigh of despair- what am I going to do for the next few months?! So this year, I have made it my personal mission to put some effort into winter styling, for if there is one way to banish the post-summer blues, it’s the style nod-of-approval from people walking alongside you. My winter wish-list (fluffy socks, hot chocolate and Christmas-themed pyjamas aside) features both autumn/winter 2012 trends and some pieces that I have encountered on the streets of London.

Before all, you must consider outerwear, for stepping out of the house without a coat, jacket or anything of the kind in these temperatures is, quite frankly, foolish. In previous years, I found myself donning the same coat every day, and with that disappeared my desire to get dressed at all! However, I’d strongly suggest investing in a variety of outerwear pieces to chop and change regularly. Even if this requires a little dip into the savings account, I assure you, you will feel better instantly. Here’s what I will be hunting down this season.

H&M: £29.99
River Island: £35.00
Topshop: £120.00

Skirts are something quite unconventional, but both daring and rewarding to wear in the winter months. Having been obliged to wear a skirt at a formal occasion a few days ago (my first skirt-in-winter experience, may I add), I was delighted to find that with a thick pair of tights, it really is quite comfortable! I always lust over skirts in summer, but feel like I’m lusting guiltily in the colder months because I will hardly ever wear them. Time to change that!

River Island: £16.00
River Island: £18.00
River Island: £35.00

(NB: I’m not normally a River Island fan, but seeing as they have so many stunning skirts for such great prices, I may have to reconsider where I stand with them!)

I have, no doubt, been on a bit of a shoe rampage recently. It is always difficult to incorporate summer footwear into winter outfits, and vice versa, and so shoes  almost demand consideration when changing wardrobes seasonally. The two factors I look for, other than style, are quality and comfort. I would pay a significant amount for a pair of shoes that are guaranteed to last me a while, because I have had disastrous experiences with cheap shoes in the past. I think my feet are falling in love...

Clarks: £49.99
H&M: £24.99
Topshop: £70.00

No look is complete without accessories, even in winter! In fact, winter is the perfect time to fish out all your heavy jewellery, intricately designed scarves and complimentary purses. The baroque trend is flying high this season, so make sure to invest in some and leave an impression at any event you attend. I’d advise you to experiment with colour blocking accessories. There’s nothing as satisfying as incorporating a summer trend into your winter look book!

Dorothy Perkins: £20.00
Miss Selfridge: £16.00
New Look: £8.99

It is very unlikely that any two people will have the same wish-list. These are just a few ideas to get your creative styling-minds pumped for this season. Sharlene’s top tips for Winter 2012-2013? Wine red, forest green, gold and ta-da your best and colourful friends this seasonDon’t be afraid to bring summer into winter, as long as you’re warm and you’re ready to rock. Follow convention but leave your mark. Literally the words I live by.

Here at TREND, we love to hear from you. Share your winter wish-list with us and other readers, and if you’re feeling extra generous, post some of your winter looks too, either in the comments below, on Twitter: @TREND__FASHION or on our Facebook Page:

Written by guest Blogger Sharlene Gandhi, follow or tweet her: @Sharlene_Gandhi.
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