Monday, 5 November 2012

November 2012: Our Autumn/Winter's Fragrance Picks!

So we have officially entered a new season and we've been on a mission to find the very best of the seasons fragrances, and here's what we found!
5) Coco Noir by Chanel - Although this perfume has such a delicate scent of fragrant upmarket baby-powder, the price outweighs the overall scent as the price is £75.00 for only 50ml. Had the price been alot less - no doubt we would all be squirting it liberally everywhere and using it as our piece de resistance when out and about! It should be further up the list - but unfortunately I'm pretty sure not many of us would be willing to pay £75 for a bottle as you could most likely find a dupe for it in one of the other brands.

4) Closer by Halle Berry - Personally, I'm not a massive fan of these types of perfumes created by celebrities. But this one I LOVE. The smell reminds me of that feeling you get after watching your favourite comedy romance and just comforts you with it's warm and musky scent enveloping you in true autumnal fashion. And at £19.95 for 50ml from Amazon ... why not?

3) Reem Acra by Reem Acra - Reminds me of that gorgeous scent you get from the upmarket magazines when they have that perfect mix of various perfume swatches and the freshly printed and pressed paper. GORGEOUS. Perfect for those days when you want a neutral scent for wandering around the shops. The only downside of this perfume that would otherwise make it a number one is it's availability. It's presently not in Debenhams or on the website nor is it on Amazon. It is in Saks Fifth Avenue and in Harrods but is not on sale at the moment and is therefore £72. But unlike the Coco Noir by Chanel I have no doubt that once you try this perfume, there will be no turning back.

2) B-Spot by Benefit - With the gorgeous lingering scents of amber, this perfume reminds me of wandering through piles of fallen golden brown leaves. The scent is really rather potent and you really only do need one squirt of it to smell it on your skin. Aside from that, the perfume bottle looks kind of cheap compared to the Closer by Halle Berry and considering is nearly double it's price at £31.95 on Amazon, you would expect the bottle to be streamlined and elegant like something you would be glad to see on your dressing table, not like one of those cheap bottles of groovy girls soaps nearly every girl had when they were kids.

1) Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein - Without a doubt my god of perfume. The fruity scent hugs you while the floral scent gently coaxes you into relaxation. At £33 from Debenhams, it’s reasonably priced. The bottle is gorgeous with its spaceship design. I’m proud to have it on my dressing table. You should be! Recommend you all try this and I guarantee you will be amazed!

What are you favourite perfumes? Let us know in the comments or tweet us: @TREND__FASHION
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