Saturday, 13 October 2012

October 2012: October Inspiration, Wayne Tippetts

So, last Friday I was contacted by a company working for TK MAXX, who asked me if I wanted to meet professional photographer Wayne Tippetts in collaboration with a new project they're doing based on British street style. So of course, I jumped at the chance and almost instantly got on a train to Manchester to do some shopping and to meet him.

Wayne started his career in the mid 1980's where he would wonder the streets of London looking at the street life of the time. In the 1990's he traveled to Jamaica where he would take photographs of the the emerging Jamaican 'Dancehall' music scene in Kingston Jamaica. Wayne started his blog 'Street Style Aesthetic' in 2008 where he wonders the streets looking not just at the clothes that people that wear, but at the people who are wearing them, which in my opinion is a fascinating way of looking at how people put there outfits and clothes together through their individual personality.

On Tuesday I met Wayne at his hotel in the middle of Manchester City Centre, we walked the streets of the northern quarter of the city situated near Afflecks Palace and talked about various different things throughout his career and how he got started with photography. I asked him 'Was it particularly fashion you were interested in, or was it more photography you wanted to do when you started?' "It wasn't fashion I wanted to do, I wanted to take pictures, I was always interested in the people of the photographs I took, fashion is just something I've fallen into with my work over the years" 'Can you tell me a little bit more about the project you're working on with TK MAXX?' "Well basically i'm scouring the country looking for fashionable people for a project they're doing online about fashion and street style, I've been to a few cities and mostly got what I want with a few more to go to yet, but I've really found what I want in Manchester, it's a great city for fashion and for taking pictures here, it's a shame what happened a few weeks ago with the two police officers because it effects the reputation of the city and the police should have been done at the time, but the people are really friendly and polite here" One of the other fantastic things we talked about and advice he gave me was about just being yourself and expressing your personality through the work you do. "You've got to be unique in your work, it's no good in copying other people's. You know there are a lot of really great blogs out there, and a lot of shit ones, but when it's a good one, you just know it's a good one, anyone can take a picture of someone in good gear, it's what you do with the photographs that makes them interesting", to which I said, I couldn't agree more, which is why we look to you and other artists who been there and done it all for inspiration. We look at you and your work and we do our own work take on how you've done things, as human beings we see things differently which is a great thing to show through our work.

You can check out Wayne and his work on his blog Street Style Aesthetic, which I really recommend, as there are some fantastic photographs on his site.  

The image above was taken from the blog That's Not My Age, and is copyrighted to it's original owner. No copyright infringement intended.
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