Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October 2012: British Fashion At Its Peak

As someone who has lived in London her whole life, I can safely say that fashion has become a way of life. In fact, it is so integrated into daily life that decisions about style, although made subconsciously, are strongly influenced by the wonderfully creative industry of fashion. You could call it a certain pressure that comes with living in one of the world’s fashion capitals, but I prefer to think of this as a means of expression; in a city where conversation on the transport system is a rarity, style acts as a method of communication to fellow Londoners, as well as a subtle way in which one distinguishes oneself from the crowd. 

Over the last few years, on prestigious occasions such as the Royal Wedding, Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the 2012 Olympic Games, the world’s focus has turned to Britain multiple times. Where does fashion fit into this? Well, let’s take the Royal Wedding, for example. Who, of the two billion people who tuned in to watch the ceremony, could forget Kate’s stunning wedding dress, the object that every girl- bride or not- envied, adorned with lace that so tenderly hugged her silhouette. Not to mention the maid-of-honour’s outfit that caused a Twitter meltdown! British designer Alexander McQueen was well known for his uniquely eccentric pieces of art, and after his unfortunate demise, the baton was passed down to Sarah Burton, the mastermind behind the two timeless dresses that defined the Royal Wedding. It is no wonder, then, that Royal Wedding fever inspired a 27% increase in McQueen sales worldwide! Time to applaud a British designer? Correct!

It is, however, the bitter truth of life that only a small percentage of us can afford the designer beauty that is McQueen. And so, right on cue, Topshop steps in! Sophisticated or sexy, grunge or girly, Topshop welcomes all with open arms, cheery smiles and affordable prices. The humongous five-story flagship store towers above Oxford Circus station, an attraction in itself. The Topshop experience, though, is not simply about fashion. Within the 90000 square feet of Topshop Oxford Circus is a nail bar, a cafe, a hair salon, a make-up counter, a sweet shop, and a pathway to yet another great British brand, Miss Selfridge. Topshop has taken into consideration how special and memorable the shopping experience should be, and more than 150 such shopping experiences are now available internationally, as Topshop now have branches in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Thinking outside the box? Check!

British fashion would not be complete without street style. Walking just 200 meters down Liverpool Street, almost every style is represented with an added London twist - the chic tailoring of the commuter, the washed-out, vintage denim of the hipster and the mystically celestial boho-babe all wear their outfits with fierceness, with confidence and with pride. These extra qualities provide a source of inspiration to others, either to dare to wear a certain item of clothing or even to step out of one’s style comfort zone and try something new. Just last week, I saw this season’s must have khaki parka jacket on the Underground, with the London twist I mentioned previously- on the back of the jacket was a labyrinthine, intricate diamante pattern. Such a love-at-first-sight scenario it was! Do we have the ability to mesmerize with style? I say ‘YES!’

Here in Britain, we like to use our surroundings as muses for our stylistic decisions. We live in one of the most multicultural countries in the world, and therefore foreign influences are continually ushered into the spotlight. You just have to look at the current trends to see how we incorporate international styles into ours; the paisley from India, the African Aztec prints and Italy’s timeless lace pieces are all gracing our high streets as we speak. And just as America has Hollywood, we have the monarchy. The ‘Kate Middleton Effect’ shows no sign of slowing down, for every brand she touches, every piece of clothing she wears, is on the fast-track route to success. British fashion has, in my opinion, only just found its place in the spotlight. The show is still to come, folks.

'Savage Beauty' by Alexander McQueen
Written by guest Blogger Sharlene Gandhi, follow or tweet her: @Sharlene_Gandhi

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October 2012: Stylish Sims

So the other day I started replaying The Sims 3, I've always loved The Sims and I played the original Sims games when they first came out. One of the things I love about the Sims 3, is that you can literally customize EVERYTHING. From colours to patterns, furniture to clothes, it literally is a world that you can make unique and your truly your own, so of course I have to have stylish Sims (I mean even they deserve to look fabulous). So I thought i'd write a post about Fashion in The Sims World, here's some of the outfits I dressed one particular Sim in for a day.

All the clothes are from various websites including: Spring4Sims, JockerSims, The Sims Resource & PradaSims.

Monday, 22 October 2012

October 2012: New York, London, Paris, Milan. Fashion Week has officially began!

So here it is, Fashion's biggest showcases brought to you from four of the worlds biggest Fashion capitals and the worlds best Fashion Designers anywhere. I'm talking of course about London, New York, Paris and Milan and the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen and a mixture of some of the very best that the world of Fashion has too offer. Colours are no longer sweet and pastely but bright and eye catching, patterns weren't floral but were basic shapes with a big impact and after four seasons, Spring/Summer 13 says goodbye to the beloved peplum, RIP!

Henry Holland:

Matthew Williamson:


 Philip Treacy:

 Vivienne Westwood Red Label:

Monday, 15 October 2012

October 2012: Sociable Online Shopping With Mallzee!

When I first heard about Mallzee, I was like Mall what? And so I did some digging around online and found that this sounds like the ULTIMATE shopping site for any and all Fashionistas who love to shop online with their friends.

So, what is Mallzee? Well it's all about being sociable, it's a site where you'll get paid to shop, and a site where you can create your very own online mall that's customized to your fashion tastes and where you and your friends can shop from your favourite High Street stores, boutiques and brands including Urban Outfitters, French Connection and apparently a lot more, with more to come! The social side comes from how you interact with your friends whilst shopping, you'll be able too send things to their wardrobe you've found for them to check out when they get back on the site via the poll function and your friends will also be able to do the same for you!

So if you want to make online shopping more fun with your friends, then why not check it out, the site is set to launch fully in the next couple of months, but you can still sign up and you'll be emailed when the site is launched fully, also get your friends to sign up, and you could win a fantastic shopping spree!

The Mallzee logo is copyrighted with no copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes only.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

October 2012: October Inspiration, Wayne Tippetts

So, last Friday I was contacted by a company working for TK MAXX, who asked me if I wanted to meet professional photographer Wayne Tippetts in collaboration with a new project they're doing based on British street style. So of course, I jumped at the chance and almost instantly got on a train to Manchester to do some shopping and to meet him.

Wayne started his career in the mid 1980's where he would wonder the streets of London looking at the street life of the time. In the 1990's he traveled to Jamaica where he would take photographs of the the emerging Jamaican 'Dancehall' music scene in Kingston Jamaica. Wayne started his blog 'Street Style Aesthetic' in 2008 where he wonders the streets looking not just at the clothes that people that wear, but at the people who are wearing them, which in my opinion is a fascinating way of looking at how people put there outfits and clothes together through their individual personality.

On Tuesday I met Wayne at his hotel in the middle of Manchester City Centre, we walked the streets of the northern quarter of the city situated near Afflecks Palace and talked about various different things throughout his career and how he got started with photography. I asked him 'Was it particularly fashion you were interested in, or was it more photography you wanted to do when you started?' "It wasn't fashion I wanted to do, I wanted to take pictures, I was always interested in the people of the photographs I took, fashion is just something I've fallen into with my work over the years" 'Can you tell me a little bit more about the project you're working on with TK MAXX?' "Well basically i'm scouring the country looking for fashionable people for a project they're doing online about fashion and street style, I've been to a few cities and mostly got what I want with a few more to go to yet, but I've really found what I want in Manchester, it's a great city for fashion and for taking pictures here, it's a shame what happened a few weeks ago with the two police officers because it effects the reputation of the city and the police should have been done at the time, but the people are really friendly and polite here" One of the other fantastic things we talked about and advice he gave me was about just being yourself and expressing your personality through the work you do. "You've got to be unique in your work, it's no good in copying other people's. You know there are a lot of really great blogs out there, and a lot of shit ones, but when it's a good one, you just know it's a good one, anyone can take a picture of someone in good gear, it's what you do with the photographs that makes them interesting", to which I said, I couldn't agree more, which is why we look to you and other artists who been there and done it all for inspiration. We look at you and your work and we do our own work take on how you've done things, as human beings we see things differently which is a great thing to show through our work.

You can check out Wayne and his work on his blog Street Style Aesthetic, which I really recommend, as there are some fantastic photographs on his site.  

The image above was taken from the blog That's Not My Age, and is copyrighted to it's original owner. No copyright infringement intended.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

October 2012: Cover Story: Paloma Faith

Ever since bursting onto the music scene in 2009, she has always been rather a bit shocking when it comes to her music and her style. With this month playing host to the most important week's in Fashion's life (also known as Fashion Week) I thought it only right to showcase shocking new seasonal styles with just as shocking style & music from a woman who never fails to shock with excitement. And this was the exact reason why I wanted singing sensation Paloma Faith for my cover story for October.

The moment I first set my eyes on her, my immediate reaction was pretty much the same way that I reacted to seeing Lady Gaga "what the fuck". But now over the three years I've listened to her music and watched her grow as an artist, I have undoubtedly fell in love with her. Her first album 'Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful' was wonderful and I particularly love the songs 'New York', 'Stone Cold Sober' & 'Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful' from the album, so you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that she was finally after three years releasing her second album 'Fall To Grace'. My favourite songs from her second album have to be 'Picking Up The Pieces', '30 Minute Love Affair' & 'Just Be' all surrounding the theme of love and how we deal with the loss of it once the people we do love are gone. But my all time favourite song is her cover of the INXS song 'Never Tear Us Apart' which has been featured in the John Lewis advert 'Never Knowingly Undersold', her tone and pitch for the song is just perfect and her voice suits the song to a key, and I look forward to hearing what wonderful creations she comes up with in her future music career.

Looking at her Fashion I immediately think of a 1920's pin up girl,  the hair & hair pieces, the feminine structured tailoring and the detailing on her clothes is just wonderful. One of the things I love about her fashion is the fact that just like Fearne Cotton, she shops also on the British High Street aswell as the Designer stores. She is known for wearing Topshop amongst other High Street stores and I always look forward to reading about her in Fashion magazines about what stores and clothes she is wearing next. So whether you love her or hate or, it seems clear that her career in music and her style in Fashion is one that will flourish and she will continue to be on the British music scene shocking and bringing us great style for quiet a few years to come. 

All images are copyright to Robert Erdmann, including the cover story image which I have modified for my own use on my Blog. no copyright infringement intended.
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