Monday, 3 September 2012

September 2012: Cover Story: Henry Holland & Nicola Roberts

And so September is upon us, and it would seem as though summer is never going to come, so say goodbye to the tan, the beach and the cocktails and allow a new season of scarves, hot chocolate and Christmas presents, oh an Fashion of course! I also say hello to a new cover and too a first and exciting new prospect, two cover stars in celebration of the fabulous new series on Sky Living 'Styled To Rock'. It is of course fashion designer Henry Holland & member of one of Britain's most loved girl bands (Girls Aloud) Nicola Roberts.

I first heard about the series from a friend at work and I have to be honest I was super excited about it from the minute she told me. With the prospect of what was involved, at what the prize was, about who was involved oh and that of course it was all about fashion, I don't think i've ever seen a series on TV based around fashion, let alone it being all about making and designing fashionable outfits for celebrities with the winner designing for one of the worlds most beloved and fabulous singers Rihanna. And so I tune in every week on Sky Living at 9PM to watch the drama unfold and the contestants dwindle down, one by one, week by week, until a winner is revealed, if you haven't seen the series yet, what are you waiting for? My favourite contestants have to be Heidi, Brett (so sorry to see you go!) Ricky, Steve, Jacqueline and Zainab for their bubbly personalities, wonderful style and amazing creations, well done to all of you so far, keep up the good work and good luck in the competition!

I've worked at Debenhams now for around 3 years and since 2010 I've watched Henry's collections for the store become something to make you go 'wow' as they have become stronger and stronger as each new season comes, giving us an edge and something to really boast about compared with other High Street retailers. Originating from Manchester also makes me really proud, and makes him a real icon to myself as I am also originally from this fantastic city aswell. His cuts, his colours, his patterns are just fantastic and he has a real understanding of the industry and is making a real contribution to making the British Fashion industry really stand out. Nicola Roberts is also a great mentor for the show having worked in and around Fashion since her beginning of girl band Girls Aloud, wearing and contributing to many aspects of the bands stage outfits, music video outfits, oh and her own outfits in general of course! What I admire about her most is the fact she isn't afraid to just be herself, she is a little bit different in terms of her hair colour and skin tone which has been picked up many a time in the press, but she can just put herself out there and isn't afraid too, she recently has also brought out her own skincare range for other people who also have fair skin that would maybe find it hard to find the right foundation or products for their skin, which in my opinion is fantastic, as you shouldn't be penalised for being different.

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