Wednesday, 26 September 2012

September 2012: Autumn's autopsy!

So today I thought i'd have a total rework of my wardrobe (considering here in the UK it already feels as though we are in Winter) and ready for when I go shopping at the Metro Centre with my fabulous friend Laura Fleming tomorrow on Thursday. So i'm saying goodbye to the pastels, some of the eccentric prints, the espadrilles and hello to Military, the leather jacket, tweed, knitwear & boots. 

But one way i've really took too, to bring your wardrobe up to date and be totally unique and innovative, is to totally change the way your clothes look by making them yourself, or in my case (for now at least) change how they look. Simple things like adding embellishments, buttons, or sequins can change dramatically how an outfit or piece of clothing can look and it also gives you the skill and know how of how to change your clothes for free (well, minus the price or the embellishments). Another great way is too use spray paint on plain white t-shirts. Spray logo's names, patterns or just whatever you want onto them. NEVER throw ANYTHING away, even if you think you're never going to wear it again or it might not come back into season, you can change things into whatever way you want to personalize things a different way. Also look out for sales and regularly visit charity shops. Buying cheap or second hand clothes is a great way to personalize them without the hassle of having to spend lots & lots of money, I mean you wouldn't spend £65 on a coat from Topshop and then cut it up, right?

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