Friday, 10 August 2012

August 2012: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Unfortunately, when you look inside the glossy confines of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Hello magazines, you see a gorgeous slender figured, blemish-free woman and you instantly desire to be her. Sex icon. Fashion icon. Lifestyle icon.

You think of this wonderful woman living an amazing life, filled with happiness, eating cupcakes whenever she wants with the assurance that she will not gain a pound in weight. You Could Not be further from the truth. In fact, most of the models featured in the high-end fashion magazines barely eat a morsel of a calorie, as the fear gaining weight and losing that 'glorious Medal' That is the esteemed clothing sized zero. They live in fear of the corrosion of their perfectly formed cheekbones and facial features due to the daily wear and tear and therefore follow strict food nutrition diets, most of which are controlled down to the last kilojoules of energy to maintain the strict sizing that this industry demands, followed through by reinforcing Limiting skincare regine, all to avoid generally unnoticeable long term affects their daily lives may have on their appearance.

Naturally, this has an effort on the models happiness as they are likely to be eating bland and unfulfilling diets coupled with a very restricting social life (drinking alcohol = CALORIES,) doubled with an often very full schedule IF they can manage to stomach the harsh routine that they have to endure. So whilst this doe eyed woman staring wistfully at you looks happy, remember as You are hating yourself and desiring to be her, you are much likely to be living a much happier life.

Beauty is only skin-deep and is unmatched in true beauty to a woman that is happy with her life. So whilst you may regret previously contently tucking into that lasagne or cheesecake that you ate earlier as it settles on your thighs, work it off down at the gym and repeat the process again as what is the point in living if you cannot find happiness?

Imagine a world without happiness? OUCH!

Beauty. These models have it wrong, that isn't beauty. The real beauty is you and your happiness. 

Beauty is only skin-deep.

This article was wrote by a guest writer and a friend of mine, Carrie Sarah Brogden, feel free to check her photography work here.

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