Thursday, 12 July 2012

July 2012: Cover Story: Lana Del Rey

So Another Month Has Gone By And Another Cover Girl Is Embraced For A Cover Story For TREND. Her Career Has Taken Majorly Taken Off, And Has Certainly Sky Rocketed Over The Past Few Months With Record Braking Music Sales, The Cover Girl Of Various Fashion Magazines And An Album That Is To Die For! It Is Of Course, The Beautiful Lana Del Rey.

Over The Past Year Or So Lana's Career Has Spun Into The Limelight, Her Album 'Born To Die' Really Is To Die For And She's Just Released Another Wonderful Single From The Album 'National Anthem' A Song Based On Love, The 1960's And Politics (The Music Video Is Wonderful And Really Should Be Watched).  Her Previous Singles 'Born To Die', 'Blue Jeans' & 'Video Games' Are Wonderful Songs Too And Match The Voice She Sings Them In To A Key, There's No Doubt That This Wonderful Woman Will Have Plenty More Number One Singles And Be The Cover Girl For Many More Up & Coming Fashion Magazines In Years To Come. Her Whole Essence Is Something To Marvel Over Too, Whenever I See Her In Professional Photographs She Always Looks Like She Knows Exactly What She's Doing, And The Clothes She Wears Are Perfect For Her Personality. What Are Your Thoughts About The Fabulous Lana Del Rey?
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