Monday, 4 June 2012

June 2012: Sixty Years Of British Style Icons!

The Queen's Coronation Was In The 1950's And Since Then, There Have Been Some Seriously Stylish British Folk Around, Let's Look At The Best Of What British Style Icons Have To Offer!

The 1950's!

Elizabeth Taylor Was Truly Beautiful In Her Youth, And She Was Also Flying The Union Jack In The Era Of Elvis Presley And Marilyn Monroe, She Wasn't Just A Style Icon, She Was A Total Legend Wearing Beautiful Outfits And Gorgeous Hairdo's.

Princess Margaret Was Quiet An 'It' Girl In 1951 At Aged Just 21, And Just Like Her Sister Lizzy, She Had Great Style Keeping The British Manufacturing Industry On It's Toe's!

Cary Grant Was A Very Handsome Hunk In The 50's! I Always Say That A Suit Makes The Man, Google Both George Clooney And Grant And You'll Understand What I Mean.

Singing Sensation Shirley Bassey Was The Queen Of Glitz, Describe An Item Of Clothing As "A Bit Of Shirley Bassey" And They'll Know What You Mean!

The 1960's!

It's Twiggy! A Seriously Stylish 60's Supermodel (Try Saying That When Your Drunk!) This Woman Led The Way For Kooky British Models In The 60's.

The Mini Cooper? Yes That's Right, The Mini Cooper, It's A Small Car With A BIG Attention Grabber In Terms Of It's Colours And Union Jack Roof (I'd Love An Original 60's One!)

James Bond Always Looks Handsome In A Suit No Matter Who Plays Him, Making Women Go Weak At The Knees Since Sean Connery Played Him In The 60's.

The Beatles Were Four Seriously Stylish Scousers, Aswell As Changing The Music Industry They Were Also Responsible For Setting Trends In The 60's, Including Collarless Shirts, Mop-Top Hairstyles & Sergeant Pepper Jackets!

The 1970's!

Vivienne Westwood Had A MASSIVE Impact On The 70's Fashion Industry, In Fact, She Is Probably One Of The Most Influential British Fashion Designers In The British Fashion Scene.

Kate Bush Is Known For Her Quirky And Eclectic Style And Music And The 70's Is Where It All Started. Remind You Of A More Modern Red Headed Lady Beginning With F?

David Bowie Was Also Another Music Sensation Known For His Quirkiness & Uniqueness, And Influenced Many Different People, Both Girls And Boys!

Sex, Drugs, Rock N' Roll & Fashion? Mick Jagger Certainly Had An Iconic Style For You Gents Back In The Day, He Certainly Wore Some Funky Looking Hats Too.

The 1980's

Princess Diana Was The Ultimate 80's Stylish Icon, There Wasn't A Magazine Or Newspaper She Wasn't In Regarding Her Outfits And Hairstyles. The People's Princess Certainly Was A Glamorous Woman.

Barbour Had Actually Been Going For Over 100 Years By The 80's But It Was The Great 80's & Royal Family That Made Them Stylish & Classy!

Joan Collins Is A Beautiful Woman, And Is Also Known For Her Love Of Make Up, What She Doesn't Know About Looking Good Is Just Not Worth Knowing At All!

Freddy Mercury Is An Utter LEGEND In The Music Industry, But He Is Also Remarked Upon As A Style Icon For His Leotards And Yellow Blazers! Oh And Don't Forget His Legendary Parties Too.

The 1990's

British Supermodel Kate Moss Is Nothing But Super Cool On The Catwalks, She Is One Of The Most Iconic And Known Upon Models In The British Fashion Industry.

Edina & Patsy?! Surely Not! Well Guess Again! The Absolutely Fabulous Pair Spawned Around 3000 Wannabe Fashion Editors And Also Those Three Hour Champagne Lunches, Cheers!

Liam Gallagher The Lead Singer Of Former Band Oasis Became The Face Of Cool Britannia In The 90's, I Used To Especially Love His Rounded Sunglasses, That Was One Cool Dude!

The 2000's!

British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Won British Fashion Designer Of The Year Four Times In A Row! Such A Tragedy When He Took His Life, He Was Such A Unique Talent, But His Work Lives On In His Honour!

Mulberry Has Defined British Style Since The 70's But Really Took Off In The 00's, I Mean, Who Wouldn't Want A Mulberry Bag If You've Got The Money?

David Beckham Is Another Man Rocking And Looking Gorgeous In Suits! Oh And, Football Kits? Yea He Still Looks Good In Them.

The 2010's!

Florence Welch Is So Stylish It's Too Much To Bare! The Singer's Like A Modern Kate Bush As I Mentioned Earlier In The Article, When I Saw Her Singing For Chanel, My Heart Melted!

Kate Middleton Is Also Rocking British Royalty In The British Fashion Scene, The Newly Wedded Royalist Is Seriously Stylish And Also Rocks In High Street Clothes (I Love Her For That).

And Finally It's Someone I Like To Call The Queen Of The High Street Fearne Cotton! There Isn't A Day Goes By Where She Isn't Rocking High Street Clothes, You Go Girl!
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