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June 2012: Cover Story: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

So it's been sixty years this year since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of Great Britain, and what a way for us to celebrate, from the Olympics held in London to the celebration of a concert in her own back garden with some of the planets biggest names in the music industry, what a year it has been for her, her British subjects and for the city of London. Rule Britannia.

So there she was in all her beauty and at the tender age of just twenty five years old, a new Mother, not only to Baby Prince Charles but to the nation of Great Britain (imagine how scary it would have been for her) ruling a country and a government with only the experience of her age to work with her. In her reign she has hardly put a foot wrong: in my opinion (and also in quiet a few peoples opinions at the time) the only real mistake she perhaps made was the remorse she showed over the death of Princess Diana who died suddenly in a car crash in 1997. Growing up in the time she did as a child and mixed with the experience of being a Royal might have something to do with that where she firmly believed in making the matter a more 'private' one, for the sake of the family and friends of the Royals. She was thrown into a duty that she never expected, due to the abdication of her uncle: Prince Edward VIII and the subsequent death of her father: King George IV, she quiet literally left the country a Princess and came back as a Queen. But nevertheless, she prevailed and has given her life quiet literally to serve her country for over sixty years, whilst being a Mother, a wife and a Grandmother. 

From tartan to tweed, lace to linen and diamonds to rubies, her style and outfits is also something to marvel over and admire: and it's certainly gone through a massive transformation throughout the sixty years she has been Queen. Many colours, prints and trends have been worn and flipping recently through Vogue I was pleased to see an article dedicated to that fact that she has worn pretty much every colours under the sun, you go girl! Looking at the Royal family as a whole, you can tell that there's an effortless sense of style throughout the ladies (and gents too I might add). The latest addition of course to the family is the effortless and beautiful Kate Middleton, The Duchess Of Cambridge: with her simple cuts, colours, accessories and designs that she wears so effortlessly, it's like a nod and a massive resemblance to Princess Diana. I think it's safe to say that when you look at The Royal Family, they most certainly know how to dress in a way that makes me proud to be British because of our achievements for Her Majesties achievements for her country and for our fantastic British fashion industry.

What do you think of Queen Elizabeth's style? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, let's be social:


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  1. Lin47mac702/10/12 2:01 am

    Really enjoyed reading the article as always interesting and to the point. I've grown up through The Queens Reign and watched how Fashion as changed so much. Keep these articles coming   


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