Thursday, 31 May 2012

May 2012: Who Said Recycling Is Hard Work?

When it comes to recycling, we fashionistas do it pretty much everyday and we're pretty good at it. We mix our wardrobes up and style things to make sure that everyday is different to the next, whilst still remaining true to what we love for our style. So here's some tips on how to do something a little bit different with your wardrobe and your style.
1. Change and mix up for your style (that's the pretty obvious one). One way to determine how much you actually wear an item is to turn all your hangers around in your wardrobe, when you wear an item turn the hanger back around: anything you haven't worn for over six months, get it on eBay! Jazzing your style with new items and new accessories is perfect. Jazzing them up with other friends and family's wardrobe is perfect too. If you're unsure, ask! Ask your friends, ask your family, and ask for advice from your followers, do a look book and tweet your looks so that people can see how you're styling certain items, certain looks and certain trends for the season: and if you're still unsure, go with your gut (he's usually right about those kind of things).
2. Being at college and having to do research for various projects is perfect for finding inspiration and new things. Just recently I came across a new up and coming trend called junky styling. In basic terms it means to cut up your old clothes and re-sew them to make new ones (cool idea right?) Take your boyfriends shirt and sew the cuffs into the inside of a blazer, cut up jeans and make them into a denim dress. It's a great way of making something truly unique, and putting your own twist on your style. All you really need is some old clothes or cheap ones from charity shops and a sewing machine. So get digging and dig deep, raid your friends wardrobes for things they don't wear anymore, go to charity shops constantly for their new stock because you know as the saying goes 'you never know what you'll find'.
3. And finally, make your own clothes and accessories or jazz them up; there are loads of websites and tutorials that offer help in making and putting together patterns for garments. It's so much more rewarding & a fun way to create unique and custom pieces than buying what everyone else is wearing. If you're stuck for inspiration, get yourself on Pinterest and look in some fashion magazines, they're a great source of inspiration. Buy spray paint and spray white shoes with pastel colours, jazz up pearl necklace with some patterned beads, use stencils to paint shapes onto clothes or even have a go at sewing lace, excess fabric or pockets onto your garments. Have fun and remember, creativity is key: who knows, you might one day turn out to be the next Alexander McQueen.

Let me see your creations through social media and don't forget to leave your ideas in the comments below:

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