Saturday, 5 May 2012

May 2012: Social Networking Is Fun!

So recently I have really branched out with getting my blog out there through the use of free social media, making sure I am on as many different platforms as possible, and slowly but surely it's starting to work. They're a fun way and free way for you to get yourself (and your blog) out to others whilst allowing you to gain a following and create traffic to your website/blog. So here's some tips and tricks to gain the most out of your social media.

1. Invite your Facebook friends to like your Facebook page. The more friends that interact with your page the more reach your page will gain, allowing your friends, friends to see your page and your content for free, kind of like a domino affect.

2. Offer exclusive content outside your blog such as talks or competitions. Add interesting topics, the latest news in the industry or offers so that people can see where the latest sales are on in stores!

3. Start a Pinterest page so that you can pin-board trends together for people to get inspiration. Or you can show people some of your favourite blogs, inspiration or things you get up to in your spare time.

4. Buy advertising on Facebook and Twitter. You can buy advertising to give your page a small kick out to more people for as little as 30p per click on Facebook.

5. #Hashtagging. Include these in as many tweets as possible. If you're writing about a specific celebrity or brand in your tweet, mention their Twitter name so that there's a bigger chance of them retweeting your tweet to their followers.

6. Branch out to other blogging platforms like Tumblr and BlogLovin'. Try as many different things as possible, and if they don't work out. just get rid!

7. Reach out to other bloggers and collaborate. Twitter is great for finding similar pages and bloggers that match what you do on your own page.

8. Keep your branding the same or similar throughout your networks/social media/websites. There's nothing worse than being confused  by old or missing branding.

9. Add links to all your websites/blogs/social media so that people can reach you on as many different levels as possible and make sure they all work, check them regularly

10. Put your social media links at the end of every post you write so that people can keep in contact with you or so that people can let you know if they like what you're writing or that they like your blog/website.

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