Saturday, 19 May 2012

May 2012: Only Stylish Boyfs' Need Apply?

When it comes to love, let's face it, it's a jungle out there. Men are still men, whether they're gay or straight! But being fashionistas do you always look for someone who is just as stylish (if not more so) than you are?

(Photo From Mens Style Power)
I got the idea to write this post whilst I was flipping through Company Magazine. Their cover girl for the month of June was Jessie J (fabulous woman), someone who's career I have hugely admired since her career in the music industry kicked off. In the interview for Company, she talks about the fact that she (like so many if not all of us) has a 'type'. For me there is no question, I look for a unique sense of style, a good sense of humour and someone who looks after themselves in as many 'areas' as possible (I mean noone likes to look at dirty fingernails and hairy toes, eww). But does it get to a point where we're just too picky? If we pull out too many threads to make what we think is perfection do we risk pulling them apart too much to create someone that is too perfect? I mean let's be honest, we don't want out boyfriends upstaging us in-front of our friends when their eyebrows are better plucked than ours. And god forbid that we pick at them too much that we end up scaring them away because we get too close with the shaver (believe me, I've been there). So the question I orginally wanted answering is this: stylish boyf's: yay or nay?

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