Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May 2012: 100 Years In the Making

It's Been 100 Years Excactly Since the Titanic Struck An Iceberg In 1912 And Sunk To Leave Over 2200 Passengers And Crew In The Middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But A Lot Has Changed In 100 Years Particulary In the Fashion Industry, In This Post I Will Look At The Highs & Lows, The Good, The Bad And The Very Ugly Of Just How Much Things Have Changed In the World That We As Fashionistas Love And Thrive In.

Let's Start In A Place Where The World Was Indeed Very Different, The Early 20th Century. A World Where Being Etiquette, Polite & Well Mannered Was Everything, And A Place Where The Bigger Your Clothes, The More Frills, Flowers, Puffs & Pleats They Had And The Taller Your Top Hat Was The Better! Technology Didn't Really Exsist, Apart From Big Ships And Cars, There We're No iPods, Televisions, Computers (Seriosuly What Did these People Do All Day!) Well For The Women, It Took Them All Their Time To Be Dressed For Dinner With All The Corsets To Suck Them In, Pins To Keep Their Hair In Place, It's A Wonder They Could Breathe!

Next Was The 1920's And A LOT Changed In This Period, Chanel Influenced So Many Different Aspects Of The Fashion Industry Changing Things For Women Forever. Gone We're The Corsets, And The Frills And The Parasols, And In Were The Clean Cuts And The Simple Hats With  Small Feathers On. Men's Fashion Didn't Really Change Untill The 1940's After The War, Men Mostly Wore Suits All Through Out The Day, But Things Went To Polo Shirts And Tank Tops. The 1930's And 1940's Were Different For Women Too, Everything Was Still Clean Cut And Polished (We Are British After All) Tailoring Was Huge For Women And Was Often Dolled Up With Pearls For The Ultimate Fashion Statement. Skirts We're Shorter And Women Could Feel Sexier About The Way They Looked And Feeled (Of Course Not Too Short, Like I Mentioned Earler We Are British Afterall!)

But The 1950's & 1960's Were When Things Really Changed And Good Manners Were Out The Window! Rock & Roll Was In, And So Were Greasers And Jocks! Shirt Dresses Were In And So Were Big Hair-Do's! Polka Dots, Crazy Patterns And Round Sunglasses Were A Must And Trust Me Those Patterns Were Big! The 1960's Were Really Outrageous In Comparison To Its Predecessors Of Decades And Really Set Things Up For How Even More Outrageous The 1970's And 1980's Were. Now The 1970's And 1980's Are Considered To Be The Most Crazy And Fun Decades, These Were All About Flared Trousers, Back-Combing, Neon Colours, Leg Warmers, Fish Net Gloves, Double Denim, Handle-Bar Moustache's, Big Collar's, Parka's (I Could Go On Forever!) And Then Of Course We Finish With The Modern 1990's To The Current Decade We All Thrive In! What A Difference 100 Years Can Make, I Personally LOVE The 1980's, So Much So That I Threw A 1980's Theme For My 18th Birthday Party! I've Never Seen So Many Adam Ants In One Room, It Was Fabulous!

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