Wednesday, 11 April 2012

March 2012: I Heart NY!

When I Arrived In The Big Apple I Knew Pretty Much Straight Away that I Wanted To Live There (I Mean Who Wouldn't!) There Is So Much (If Not Too Much) To Get Excited About And Do And See! The Buildings, The Food, The People, The Shopping & So Much To Get Inspired From, The Theatre, The Art, The Buildings, The Fashion, The Culture & So Much More! I Even Had A Little Celebrity Encounter!

Even For A City Boy Like Myself It Was Truely Overwhelming How Vast This City Actually Was And Yet The Most Surreal Thing Was Shopping Until 12AM, Personally Because I Live In A Small Town Now In the Middle Of The Countryside Where Everything And Everyone Comes To A Stand Still At Around 5PM. But It Was Truely Amazing How Much There Is To Do, But The Thing I Enjoyed The Most (Apart From The Shopping) Was Visiting The Famous Landmarks That Are Housed In New York, The Museum Of Modern Art, Central Park, The Empire State Building, Ground Zero, The Flat Iron Building, Conde Nast, Times Sqaure And The List Goes On. But The Shopping, Oh Where Do I Begin! Well Designer Shops Are Wonderful To Admire (I Didn't Go In Any, I Felt Too Uncomfortable) But Even Standing Outside Of Them Looking Into Windows Seeing Exspensive Silk Dresses Draped Mannequins Behind The Infamous Designer Logos, That Was Enough To Get Me Excited, And Then There Was The What I Call Real Shopping, And Forever 21 Was My Favourite Store, It's Sort Of Like A More Up Class Primark Whilst Still Remaining Amazingly Cheap. There Were So Many Vintage & Sample Sale Shops That I Lost Count, I Also Lost Count How Many Starbucks I Saw Too (I Don't Know Around 35?)
But It Is An Experience That Will Stay With Me For A Life Time, Particulary When I Visited Ground Zero, That Particular Visit Was One That Almost Had A  Haunting Feeling To It And One That I Also Looked Forward To Visiting The Most, So That I Could In My Own Way (Even Though I Knew Noone In The Disaster) Pay My Respects To The People It Affected, It Was So Respectful & Quiet That You Could Hear A Pin Drop, And It Is A Remarkable & Beautiful Way Of Remembering All Those Who Perished In 911. There Were Also A Few Places That We Stumbled Upon That Were In Feature Films Such As The Firehouse In Ghostbusters, Carrie Bradshaws Apartment From Sex And the City & A Few Locations From The Men In Black Series. It Is An Experience That I Would Recomend To Anyone, No Matter What Age, Class Or Sex, It Is One For The Bucket List, A Must For Every Person Out There!
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