Monday, 16 April 2012

April 2012: Strike A Pose? I'd Rather You Didn't!

When I Write Posts, I Often Look To Different Things/People/Places For Inspiration, And If There Is Anything That I Have Learnt About The World Of Blogging, *Ahem Begging Your Pardon, Fashion Blogging, It's That It Is Full Of People Who Just Post Pictures Of Themselves In Different Outfits Or Posts About Thinks Going On In Their Daily Life On Their Blogs. Don't Get Me Wrong, I Think It's Fabulous That You Can Just Put Yourself Out There On The (What I Like To Call The Weird & Wonderful Web). But Has It Gone Too Far? Does It Really Become Inspiration When We're Just Seeing People In Different Outfits Posing & Pouting, And When There Not Actually Writing About Different Inspirations, Or Anything To Do With The Fashion Industry Or Writing Well, Anything! In The Words Of Carrie Bradshaw "I Can't Help But Wonder" When Does Simply Striking A Pose, Become Better Than Striking Up A Post?
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