Saturday, 14 April 2012

April 2012: Cover Story: Kate Winslet

When I Heard That James Cameron Was Re-releasing His Wonderful 1997 Production Of Titanic This Year, I Was Ecstatic! Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio I Hadn't Really Seen Kate In Many Other Films, So I Guess You Could Say That Titanic Was the First Film I Saw Them Both In, But The Chemistry Between Them Was Phenominal, And Seeing It Today In 3D Brought Back Many Memories Of My Childhood (And Also A Few Tears!) 

But A Century Has Gone By Since The Fateful Ship Struck An Iceberg And Sunk To Leave Over 1500 To Perish And Over 700 To Survive, And What Fascinates Me The Most (And Will Continue To Do So For Many Years) Is How 1st & 3rd Class Passengers Lives Were Incredibly Different In 1912. The Clothes, The Hair, The Manners, The Finger Sandwiches, All The Enforced "Oh Good Afternoon Sir!" But Back To The Clothes & The Costumes In The Film Were With Incredible Attention To Detail, Every Single Actor & Actress Is Dressed Head To Toe In Period Costume, And It's Quiet An Accomplishment When You Dress Over 400 People In Such Delicate Artwork, Which Was Made Even More Beautiful In 3D, You Could Literally See Every Button, Bead, Feather & Pattern!

But Back To Kate And Her Role In The Film, She's 36 This Year And Has Won Numerous Awards For Her Roles In Various Other Films Such As The Reader, Revolutionary Road & Sense & Sensability. She Plays (As We All Know By Now) Rose Dewitt Bukater, A 17 Year Old Young Girl With Fabulous Accessories Who Is Engaged To The Villian Of The Film Kal Hockley (Played By The Hunky Billy Zane) Personally I'd Have Married Him Just For The Fabulous Clothes. The Costumes Designed For Kate's Character Are Beautiful, My Favourite Being The Purple Suit She Wears As She Arrives To Board The Ship. I Also Love The Floaty Dress She Wears With The Shoulder Detailing (The Scene Of Her And Leo Running Through The Boiler Rooms Together Really Shows That Dress Of Beautifully As They Run Together In Slow Motion). But Outside The Acting World Kate Has Also Had Some Whirlwind Moments, She's Lost Her First Love To Cancer, Married And Had Her First Child A Few Years After, Divorced And Remarried With A Son And She Is Now Divorced Again And Bringing Up Her Two Children, Mia & Joe. Whatever The Star Will Be Doing In Future You Have To Admit, She's Done Incredibly Well For Herself So Far Considering All She Has Been Through In Her Life, And I Take My Hat Off To Her, And I Continue To Support And Love This Beautiful And Corageous Woman.
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