Friday, 2 March 2012

March 2012: Lulu I Love You!

Now It's Thanks To My Fabulous Mum That I Bring You This Post, (Ok It Isn't Highstreet, But I Just Have To Blog About This). There We Were Sitting In The Living Room, Cup Of Tea In Her Hand, The TV Remote In The Other As She Was Flipping Through The Channels And I Was Flipping Through VOGUE, That She Discovered The Wonderful Designer Lulu Guinness On QVC.

Her Products We Both Fell In Love With Instantly (We Have Very Similiar Taste) And Now We Always Look Out When She Has New Products On QVC. What I Particulary Love Is The Incredible Attention To Detail That Is Put Into Those Gorgeous Handbags She Brings Out, The Shop Front Embroidery Is Gorgeous, You Could Study It For Hours, Her Products Are Always Quirky And Fun To Look At Too And Just So Trendy! Beyond The Bags She Also Creates Lots More Products In Her Range, One Of My Mum's Favourites (Apart From Her Handbags) Is Her Umbrellas, Just Like Her Handbags There So Quirky And Fun And the Always Have Gorgeous Prints On Them. I Especially LOVE The British Prints She Puts On Her Products, Good Old Union Jack, Telephone Boxes, Stamps, Cameo Heads, If You Haven't Seen Anything By Lulu Guinness Then Ladies You Need To Get Shopping!

London Shopfront Tote Bag
Ellis Street Dual Compact Mirror

Shop Front Shoulder Bag

Great Britain Embroided Handbag
Union Jack Lips Clutch

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