Thursday, 1 March 2012

March 2012: Cover Story: Sarah Jessica Parker

Whether Your A Man, Woman, Gay, Straight It Is Clear To Pretty Much Everyone Out There That Sarah Jessica Parker's Role In The Wonderful Sex And The City Is What She Is Most Loved And Known For In Her Career, And I Couldn't See A More Wonderful Person To Play The Infamous Fictional Sex Columist, Carrie Bradshaw.

When Sex And The City Was First Released Back In 1998 I Was A Little Young To Watch It The First Time Round (With Me Only Being 5 Years Old) But When I Was Around 15 I Was Instantly Hooked, And I Couldn't Get Enough! I Loved The Characters, The Fashion, The Stories, The City, The Humour, The Guys And Of Course The Infamous Tales Of The Girls Sex Lives! My Favourite Episode Has To Be The One In Which Carrie Becomes And Model For A Day, She Falls On The Catwalk And Gets Up Narrating 'When People Fall Down In Life, They Get Right Back Up Again' Which Is Incredibly Relatable. It Also In Some Ways Helped Me Figure Out Who I Was As A Person In Terms Of Why I Loved Fashion So Much, But Beyond That It Influenced My Choice To Want To Write And Start A Blog, Not About Sex (Although That Could Be A Possible Article In The Future) But About Fashion, I Loved Carrie's Writing Style And I Thought It Was Fabulous And To Me Even Though She Is A Fictional Character She Has Become A Sort Of Icon To Me Because Of Her Writing Style To The Point Of When I Finish Watching The Sixth Season Of The Series I Go Right Back To The Start And Watch It All Over Again! I'm Looking Forward Also To Visiting New York On The 19th Of This Month And There Are So Many Places That I'm Looking Forward To Visiting (Especially Carrie's Apartment).

I Have Also Really Enjoyed Sarah Jessica Parker Outside Of The Sex And The City World, Seeing Her In Other Films Like 'I Don't Know How She Does It' And 'Did You Hear About The Morgans' As Well As Carrie, She Is Often Seen In The Fashion Industry And Keeps Up To Date With the Latest Trends Too! In 2006 She Attented The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute Gala For AngloMania: Tradition  And Transgression In British Fashion In New York City In 2006 With Alexander McQueen, Dressed In A Gorgeous Tartan Dress. She Is Often Spotted In McQueen Outfits (And I Don't Blame Her). The Role I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Next In The Sex And The City World Is That Of The Younger Carrie Bradshaw In Her Teenage Days Back In Highschool, Which Is Based On The Book By Candace Bushnell 'The Carrie Diaries' But The Role Won't Be Played By Sarah Jessica Parker But By  Anna Sophia Robb Who Has Been In Many Fims Like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Soul Surfer And Lots More. It Is Not Yet Confirmed That The Series Is Being Created But There Is Lots Of Contraversy Around It. I Think It Would Be Nice For The Original Sex And The City Girls To Make An Appearence Somewhere In The Series If It Is Made, Kind Of Like A Tribute To The Original And Fabulous Series.
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