Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February 2012: Cover Story: Meryl Streep

In Her Career She Has Taken On Some Very Diverse And Brilliant Roles, From An Editor In Chief At A Fashion Magazine To A Single, Singing Mum On A Greek Island To Her Latest Role In The Fabulous 'The Iron Lady' In Which She Plays The Part Of Margaret Thatcher Alongside The Brilliant Jim Broadbent, Who Plays Her Husband Dennis Thatcher.

I Think I Say This On Behalf Of Must (If Not All Of Us) That We Best Know Meryl Streep For Her Brilliant Performance In 'The Devil Wears Prada' (Mostly Because We All Love Fashion) Where She Plays The Hard Faced, Scary, Short Tempered But Brilliant Editor In Chief Miranda Priestly,  We See The Staff (Who Are Quiet Literally Terrified Of Her) Running Around At The Headquarters Like Headless Chickens Of The Fantasy Fashion Magazine 'Runway' As She Gives Them Orders & Jobs To Do (We've All Had A Boss Like That Haven't We?). But Her Latest Role In 'The Iron Lady', Streep Plays Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher And I Personally Think She Did A Pretty Good Job, In Fact An Amazing Job From Her Mannerisms To Her Voice, Her Portryal Of Thatcher Was Played With Incredible Attention To Detail, And In My Opinion Her Best Interpretation Of A Non-Fictional Character From The Actress To Date. The Film Is Mostly Set In The Twilight Of The Ex Prime Minister's Life And Looks Back On The Success (And The Fall) Of Thatcher's Life, Going As Far Back To The Influence Her Father Gave Her As A Teenage Girl, To Significant Points In Thatchers Life, Like When She Became Prime Minister. In A Recent Interview With Meryl She Said 'It Was Amazing To Be Able To Look Through The Lense Of Such A Well Known Figure, And To Follow The Events Of Her Life' She Went On To Talk About The Way In Which The Film Looks Back On These Moments In Thatchers Life 'It Circled Issues Of Looking Back And Ageing And Living With Diminished Capacity Which I Know Something About From My Parents'.

It Was Interesting To See How Not Only The Skills Of An Actress Can Bring A Character To Life On The Big Screen But How The Wardrobe Exceled In Bringing Her To Life In This Movie. It Was Deffinetly Well Researched For The Film But Was Hard To Mimic According To Designer Consolata Boyle. Thatcher Was Known For Her 'Power Dressing', Skirt Suits And Shoulder Pads (Which Were An Essential In The 1980's And Almost Giving The Impression Of A Uniform), Pearls For Jewellery, Pussy Bow Blouses & The Famous Handbag Which In A Way Became A Metaphorical Weapon, The Former Prime Minister Most Deffinetly Stood Out For Her Fashion Choices. And Of Course The Hair, The Blonde Style That Is Immaculate Was In My Opinion, Perfect. With All These Elements Combined The Film's Hair, Make Up And Wardrobe Team Did A Splendid Job At Bringing The Former Prime Minister To Life, And Will Deffinetly Entice Me To Buy The Film When Released On DVD (Just So We Can Take Notes Of Her Fashion Choices Of Course!)


  1. Hi..just found your blog. It's nice! I like it.

  2. She is without a doubt one of my favourite actresses... I think her role in the Devil Wears Prada is still my favourite though!

    1. Thankyou For Your Comment, We Love Her Too, And That Was Our Favourite Role She Played! Such An Amazing Character She Created, That's All! ;)


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