Monday, 2 January 2012

January 2012: Do You Know Your Body Shape?

There Are Seven Basic Body Shapes That A Woman Could Be Catergorized Into: Tall, Boyish, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass, Petite, Pear & Apple. Knowing Your Body Shape Is In My Opinion Key To Dressing, No Matter What Trends & Fashion Fads Are Happening. But Sticking To Some Basic Rules Can Help You Pull Of Those Gorgeous Outfits And Show Of The Best Parts Of Your Fabulous Body. Having Trouble Finding Your Body Shape? Then Try Out Channel 4's Body Shape Finder, Already Know Your Body Shape? Then Great! Let's Get Started:

The Apple Shape: The Apple Shape Usually Consists Of Big Hips And A Flabby Tummy.
Use Clothes To Sculpt Your Midriff, So It Looks Less Like An Apple, And More Like An Apple Core. You Want To Draw Attention To Your Bust And Legs, And Well Anything Else You Love About Your Body! Don't Hide In Baggy Trousers! Show Off Those Gorgeous Legs In Straight Or Boot-Cut Trousers To Draw The Eye To Your Legs And Away From Your Stomach. Show Of Your Bust By Wearing V-Necks, As They Draw Attention Down Towards Your Bustline. Patterns Are A Great Way To Draw Attention To And Away From Areas Of Your Body, Stripes Can Bring Attention To Your Bustline BUT Be Careful, Not Worn With The Right Clothing And It Can Draw Attention To Your Waist And Stomach, So Try Wearing A Tailored Jacket To Draw The Attention Upwards.

The Pear Shape: With The Pear Shape You Want Too Show Off And Emphasise Your Bust & Shoulders Whilst Drawing Attention Away From Your Hips. A Strapless Maxi Dress Is Great And A Must Buy, Try To Find One With A Nipped In Waist And A Flared Skirt As This Draws The Eye Away From The Hips. Pair Shapes Usually Have Small Shoulders Too, When Looking For Jackets And Blazers Shoulderpads Will Help Broaden Your Shoulders And Balance Out Those Wide Hips, Add Shoulderpads To A Jacket If It Hasn't Already Got Them. Adding A Skinny Belt To The Skinniest Part Of Your Waist Will Draw Attention Away From Your Hips. Use Dark Colours With Your Trousers/Jeans, Dark Bootcut Jeans Will Elongate The Legs And Will Balance Out With Your Hips.

The Boyish Shape: The Boyish Shape Or 'Straight Up & Down' Is One Of The Most Uncommon Shapes And Has One Great Advantage To It, You Can Wear Pretty Much Anything! But Lots Of Women With This Shape Say That The Feel Unfeminine And Find It Difficult To Find Clothes That They Feel Comfortable In. Short, Fitted Dresses Emphasise Those Long Legs And Show Off Your Slender Shape. Add Feminine Touches  To Your Outfits And Pay Attention To The Fabrics You Wear, Frills & Ruffles On Tops, High Heels And Gorgeous Statement Jewellery. Give The Illusion Of A Waistline By Adding A Large Belt To An Outfit, Or A Parka To Emphasise Your Waist.

The Hourglass Shape: The Hourglass Is Often Thought As The Ideal Female Body Shape. Use Puff Sleves On A Jacket To Emphasize Your Shoulders. Straight Legged Jeans That Skim Your Thighs And Are Cropped At The Ankle Will Work Well For You, Bootcut Jeans Will Also Balance Out Your Curves, Go For A Darker Jean And A Pair With Big Pockets On The Bum To Emphasize That Gorgeous Arse! Most Shapes Of Skirts Work Well But A Pencil Skirt Will Do Wonders For Your Shape! Add A Simple Shirt, Tucked In With A Button Or Two Undone To Show A Little Cleveage. Draping Will Help Clothes Drape Over Those Gorgeous Curves, It Will Also Hide That Tummy!

The Inverted Triangle Shape: The Intervted Traingle Usually Has Strong Shoulders, Narrow Hips And Slim Legs And Is Often Craved By Athletes And Models. With This Shape You Want To Balance Out Thouse Shoulders And Show Off Those Gorgeous Legs! Use Accessories Well, Large Bangles And Clutch Bags Draw Attention To Your Waist And Hips, Avoid Big Earings And Chunky Necklaces As They Bring Attention To Your Shoulders. Classic Looks Such As Sexy Tailored Jackets, Slim Line Trousers And Sweeping Dresses Work Well For You. Prints Can Help You Bulk Out Your Waist And Hips To Balance Them With Your Shoulders And Draw Attention Away From Them. Try A Waterfall Neckline On A Dress With Ruffles As This Will Emphasize That Clevage. Pull In That Waist With A Belt, Thin Or Chunky Studs Or A Buckle Will Work Wonders!

The Tall Shape: If Your Over 5 Foot 10 Your In The Tall Club! Use Simple, Structed Pieces In Bold, Striking Colours Or Large Prints As These Will Compliment Your Height, Small Prints May Be Lost On You, Brake The Patterns Up By Using A Bright Waist-Cinching Belt, Which Will Show Of Your Curves. A Structured Jacket Will Create DRAMATIC Angles And Will Brake Up The Long Line Of Your Body Whilst Showing Off And Emphasizing Those Boobs. Use BIG Accessories And Jewelry To Make A Real Impact And Flatter Your Proportions. Use Contrasting Colours In Your Clothes, This Will Help Diffuse Your Height, Try Blending Bright Colours With Natual Colours. Don't Be Afraid To Wear Heels, Embrace Your Body And Give Yourself A Confidence Boost By Being Proud Of It.

The Petite Shape: The Term 'Petite' Doesn't Just Simply Mean Short, It Can Also Mean That Your Slight All Over. But Don't Worry Girls, A Lot Of The High Street Stores Cater For Petite Sizes. Draw Attention To The Top Half Of Your Body, Stripes Will Instantly Make You Look Taller, Oversized Patterns Will Drown You So Go For A Good Size Pattern On A Garment. Well Tailored Clothes Will Make You Look Fabulous Showing Off Lots Of Leg Will Also Make You Look Taller. Shop Around In The High Street And Get To Know Places That Sell Petite Brands, Debenhams And Topshop Do Fabulous Petite Ranges. Try And Avoid 'Girly' Colours Such As Pinks And Lilacs. Use Large But Delicate Accessories, This Will Help Draw Attention To The Top Half Of Your Body, Hooped Earrings Are Ideal For This And Will Emphasize Your Boobs! Skinny Jeans Will Make Your Legs Look Fabulous, They Show Off Your Legs, Bum And Will Also Make You Look Taller. And Height With Heels, Opt For Wedges During The Day For A Modern But Comfortable Look.

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