Sunday, 1 January 2012

January 2011: Cover Story: Lady Gaga

In Her Time She's Been Called Crazy, Eccentric, Insane And A Whole Lot More, But I Wouldn't Want Her To Be Any Other Way, Because She Is Quite Simply Amazing And One Of The Most inspirational People Of Our Time, Giving Hope To Anyone In The World That Is A Little Bit Different. Her Looks, Her Music, Her Story, Her Fans, Her Fame Are All Just Part Of Her Everyday Life, And Her Dedication To All Of Them Is In My Opinion Outstanding.

Ever Since She Was 4 Years Old Lady Gaga Has Loved Music, Starting With Playing The Piano, Working On Open Mic Nights & Working Her Way Up To Stardom. She Has Sold An Estimated 23 Million Albums & 64 Million Singles Worldwide. Her Latest Album 'Born This Way' Is In My Opinion Her Best Yet, And With The Talk Of Her Next Album Currently Being Written I'm Super Excited For It! But Back To 'Born This Way' And Her Latest Single 'Marry The Night'. The Music Video Goes Back To A Time When Gaga Was An Ordinary Member Of The Public Living In New York City Trying To Become Somebody In This Evergrowing World We Call Life. 'Marry The Night Is My Favourite Song On My Album Born This Way' She Says, 'It Is About Commiting Yourself Whole Heartedly To The Thing You Are Most Passionate About, And For Me It Was Always Music'.  She Explains In The Interview That The Video Is About A Moment In Her Life Where She Decided That She Was Going To 'Get Married' To Her Work And That Her Work Would Be Her Husband Forever, And It Was A Moment That She Knew That There Was Nothing That Get In Her Way To Acheive That.

But As A Lot Of Us Know, Gaga Isn't Just Known For Her Music, But Also Her Fashion. Her Unique Take And Twists On Fashion Have Shocked And Joyed Her Fans Aswell As The General Public In Many Places Around The World. In A Recent Interview She Talked About A Tom Ford Suit That She Is Wearing. The Interviewer Said 'Your Dressed Pretty Conservatively Today, Wouldn't You Say This Is A Pretty Conservative Look For You?' Gaga Replying 'I Think People Have This Conception About Me, Or Misconception Rather That I'm Very Provocative All The Time, I Just Love Fashion!' But I Love Not Just Her Fashion, But Her Confidence To Wear Pretty Much Anything That She Wants! Weather It Be Leather, Bubbles, Meat, Lace, Tweed, Plastic Or Cotton, I Continue To Support Her Legacy And I Know That Her Loyal Fanbase Will Continue To Do So Right Throughout Her Career.
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