Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December 2011: Cover Story: Coco Chanel

If you work in the fashion industry, it is clear to you that the name Coco Chanel is that of a legend. Her work and personal life spun many different twists and turns for the young entrepreneur, but at the age of 27 she put her skills to work to create a brand that is adored by millions of women, fashionistas, stylists, writers, editors, models and photographers, and that brand still bears her name and her legendary story to this very date.

It wasn't all glitz and glamour from the very start though for Chanel. As a child she was orphaned alongside her older sister after the sudden death of her Mother, and her Father not being able to keep them financially. When she turned 18, Chanel left the orphanage and became a seamstresses using skills she had picked up from sewing at a younger age. She also worked on stage and at various parties where she would meet Balson, a rich man that would later help her to meet the love of her life and the financier of her stores Arthur 'Boy' Chapel. She began creating straw hats, and women loved there simplicity, and that fact that you could still be feminine without all the feathers and the bows attached to them. Later on she finally raised enough money to begin selling what she was always destined to do, fashion of course! And her first ever catwalk fashion show was at her studio at 31 Rue Cambon in 1918, with it being smash hit. And the rest as they say is history! She went down as being the worlds most influential women to change the face of fashion, because she dared to be different, proof that being different, is always so much more fun, so much more daring and pays off oh so well. 

Working on the beauty & fragrance department at Debenhams is fabulous, especially at Christmas. Delving into a freshly delivered box to find it full of Chanel fragrances with the infamous double crested C on top staring back at me still makes me smile, and with Christmas creeping up on us, the wrapping is soon to come that we offer for customers! On every single piece of wrapping, whether it be bags or tissue paper, the Chanel logo lingers on them all telling everyone that sees its carrier that they've have something truly fabulous inside. Bleu De Chanel, a personal favourite of mine is perfect for any man wanting a woody, aromatic, masculine aftershave with it's on truly unique fragrance. From the moment that it arrived into the store, I knew that this was the true essence of me, like as if the aftershave was speaking on my behalf of how much I cared about my appearance.  For you ladies, what better way to conquer a mans world, than with a masculine but feminine fragrance? Yes that's right, you can combine the two with Coco Mademoiselle! This sweet and alluring fragrance is perfect for anytime, any place and combines so many different times it can be worn, because typically, a fragrance speaks for an occasion or a time of day to be worn. You've gotta treat yourself every now and then, eh ladies?
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