Monday, 12 December 2011

December 2011: "A Women Who Doesn't Wear Perfume Has No Future"

When Out And About, Whether It Be On A Night Out Or Shopping With Your Best Girlfriends, There Is One Thing You Should ALWAYS Wear, And That Is A Gorgeous Perfume. So Here's A Guide To My Top 5 Favourite Fragrances That Are HOT This Month!

At Number 5: Gucci's Newest Fragrance : Gucci Guilty Intense:

This Fragrance Is Perfect For You Floral Lovers Out There, But This Isn't Your Typical Sweet Like Marc Jacob's DaisyWith It's Mix Of Open Note Fragrances: Violet, Heliotrope & Lilac On Top Of It's Base Note Fragrances: Amber & Patchouli, The Fragrance Has A Darker Scent Instead Of Of A Typical Sweet Scent Often Used In Florally Fragrances. It Is Best Suited To Be Used In The Aumtum/Winter Season Because Of It's Slight Soft Spicy/Woody Scent. Save It For A Night Out Girls As It Has A Strong Use Of It's Intoxicating Floral, Powdery & Citrussy Smells!

I Give It 8.5/10!

At Number 4: A Gorgeous & First For The Shoe Makers: Jimmy Choo:

This Mix Of Sweet, Fruity, Florally Scents Is Mixed Perfectly And For Their First Perfume, Jimmy Choo Have Done An Amazing Job. A Mix Of Pair, Green Notes & Mandarin Orange Sit On The Top Note For This Perfume Which Is What Gives It It's Soft Sweet Fragrance When It Is First Smelt. An Open Note Of The Beautiful Orchid Smell Follows Which Sits On A Base Note Of Toffee And Patchouli. The Perfume Is Very Feminine Yet Posesses A Slight Empowering And Modern Effect To It, Particulary On The Gorgeous Glass Bottled It Is Housed In. It Is A Perfect All Round Perfume Especially In Spring/Summer Because Of It's Sweetness, And Don't Be Afraid To Have A Good Squirt Of It On For The Day Or Night!

I Give It 9.3/10!

At Number 3: Prada Candy, The ULTIMATE Sweet New Fragrance From Prada:

I Love This One, The Advert, The Bottle And Of Course The Perfume! When It First Came In At Debenhams (Which Is Where I Work) I Was Hooked, This Sweet Smelling Fragrance Is Perfect For You Sweeties Out There, It's Mix Of Musk For It's Top Note, Benzoin For It's Middle Note And Caramel For It's Base Note Is The Ultimate Sweet Perfume This Year And In My Opinion Is Prada's Best Ever. This Is Perfect For A Day Time Perfume As It Is Sweet As Aposed To A Hard Hitting Masculine Fragrance You Would Wear At Night Time.

I Give It: 8.8/10

At Number 2: I Love The Advert For This, Snap Your Fingers, Stamp Your Feet And You Can Have All The Things Your Really Want Thanks To Paco Rabbane: It's Lady Million:

This Sweet, Florally, Citrussy Fragrance Is One Of The Most Popular Around And Has Been For Several Years. With It's High Class Look And Feel, The Bottle Is Perfect To House This Fragrance In, And With Christmas Coming Soon The Gorgeous Giftsets Are Already Beginning To Fly Off The Shelves At Debenhams! The Rich, Warm, Feminine Ladylike, Perfume Has Some Gorgeous Fragrances Mixed In It, Starting With It's Base Notes, The Florals: Neroli, Amalfi Orange & Raspberry Giving It It's Rather Sweet Smell. Next We Have A Beautiful Mix Of Floral Smells For It's Middle Notes: Jasmine, African Orange Flower & Gardenia, Followed By It's Base Notes Of Sweet White Honey & Patchouli. This Is Perfect More For A Day Time Perfume As It Is Not Too Strong Because Of It's Sweetness From The Honey, But Would Be Nice As A Night Time Perfume Aswell, Because Of It's High Class Smell And Appeal!

I Give It: 9.6/10!

At Number 1: CHANEL's Most Signiture Fragrance: Coco Mademoiselle:

When It Comes To CHANEL Fragrance Is EVERYTHING, And This Perfume Really Is Everything: Day/Night, Summer/Winter, Any Time, Any Place. It's Mixture Of Citrussy, Woddy And Florally Smells Is Incredibly Intoxicating. It's Top Notes Of Orange, Mandarin Orange, Orange Blossom & Bergamont Are What Gives It It's Strong Citrussy Smell. It Houses It's Middle Notes With It's Florally Smells: Jasmine, Turkish Rose & Ylang-Ylang Followed By It's Base Notes, A Mix Of Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Opoponax, Vanilla, Vetiver & White Musk. All Of These Give The Perfume A Feminine Feel And Smell To It When First Smelt, But When It Is Smelt A Few Times Or Left On The Skin For A While, The Base Notes Kick In To Give The Fragrance A Masculine Smell To It Because Of It's Woody, Musky Smells. Perfect For ANY Woman Wanting To Conquer A Man's World!

I Give It: 9.9/10!
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