Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December 2011: 1960's

The 60's are back! So all you hippy lovers, here's a few tip on how to get into the swing of all things sixties! The little black dress is a great start, especially one with a white collar, if you would prefer not to spend a lot of money, get crafty by buying a collar and attaching it onto a dress that you already have for a 1960's twist.

Add a thin white belt around your waist to show it off and add a pair of white tights (it is winter after all). Next a pair of beige leather gloves and of course a pair of white round sunglasses. To finish this look off, add every girls favourite part of the outfits: shoes and a handbag! A pair of brown shoes with a small heel and lastly a small statement purplebox bag and there you have it, the swinging 60's! 

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