Thursday, 29 December 2011

December 2011: My Final Post Of The Year! I Predict Spring/Summer 2012.

Well As This Year Comes To An End And A New One Begins, I Thought It Only Fitting To Give You An Idea Of What I Think Will Be BIG In Spring/Summer Of Next Year. Some Old Favourites Return, Some Trends Shock And Some We Just Couldn't Do Without!

1. PRINTS, And Yes The Bold Text Is Necessary Because That's Excactly What They Will Be For This Season BOLD. Just Like In Spring Tradition The Florals Are Back And So Are Stripes, Which Were HUGE In Spring/Summer 2011, Polka Dots Were Also Spotted In Some Catwalk Shows For Spring/Summer 2012 & The One I'm Most Excited And Can't Wait For Are Animal & Tribal Prints!

2. Colour Is Key Particulary Oranges And Whites And Are Great For Keeping Cool In The Sun, Pastels Are Back From Spring/Summer 2011 And Are My Favourite Colour Trend For The Season!

3. Going Back To Different Time Periods Is Also Key, The 1920's Are ALL OVER The Catwalks For This Season. Also The 1970's Have Been Spotted A Few Times, With Flare Trousers And Big Collars. Accessories, Where Would A Girl Be Without Them! And This Season There Are Some Gorgeous Bags On The Catwalks, Particulary Brightly Coloured Ones, And Of Course SandalsPastels And Whites Are Key For Your Shoes!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

December 2011: Celebrities Wear High Street Too You Know!

In The Glam & Luxury World That Is Celebrity, I Would Normally Expect Famous Faces To Be Head To Toe In The Glitz And Glam That Is Designer. But Not All Celebrities Wear The 'Typical' Attire That Is Associated With The Celebrity World, As I Explore In This Blog Just How Celebrities Can Make The High Street Look Fabulous!

First Up Is X-Factor Judge Tulisa, And Her Style Has Changed Dramatically From When She Started, Becoming One To Watch With Her Stylish And Trendy Steps. She's Wearing A Gorgeous Python Wrap Dress From AllSaints:

Monday, 26 December 2011

December 2011: Boxing Day Sale Finds!

This Week I'm Bringing You A Selection Of My FAVOURITE Pieces Of Sale Items From Six Of My Favourite High Street Stores!

First I Bring You H&M, And There Are Some Great Bargains All Around In Their Sale This Season! Here Are Just A Few:

£14.99 - £7.49
£24.99 - £17.99
£39.99 - 19.99

Next I Bring You The Fabulous Miss Selfridge, (Keep An Eye Out For The Great Party Frocks On This One) :

£50 - £25
£49 - £30

£50 - £25

£38 - £20

The Store is Already Known For It's Great Value Prices And It's Great Quality Clothes, And With A Sale On Top, Your Bound To Find An Amazing Bargain! It's New Look Of Course:

£12.99 - £6
£24.99 - £10
£24.99 - £10

I LOVE This Store! Such Good Quality Clothing Mixed With Great Savings, What More Could A Girl Ask For? Making Us Proud To Be British It's Topshop Of Course:

£68 - £30
£42 - £32

£75 - £35

£70 - £45

£22 - £12

And Last But By No Means Least, River Island Have Some AMAZING Savings This Season! So Get Grabbing Quick:

£275 - £100
£25 - £12
£55 - £20
£28 - £10

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December 2011: Look What I Found On Sale Early In River Island!

This Week I'm Bringing You The Boxing Day Sales Early! (Or Should I Say This Wonderful Store Is) Great Finds And BARGAINS From River Island, The Perfect Time To Get Those Last Minute Fashion Must Have's Cheap Before A New Season Starts.

£45 - £20

Ladies With So Much To Choose From I Was Quite Literally Spoilt For Choice. From Jackets To Gloves, Scarves To ShoesHere's Some Of My Favourite Picks And Bargains From One Of The Greatest Stores On The British High Street!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

December 2011: One For The Boys: English Heritage

This Season I've Decided To Do A Blog For All You Guys Out There! Tartan, Sheep Skin, Flatcaps, Military Boots, Gilets, This Of Course Is English Heritage!

There Are Several Ways To Do This Look, But For A Traditional English Look, Start With A Tartan Long Sleeve Shirt, Tucked Into A Pair Of Skinny Carrot Dark Denim Jeans. Next Add A Green Gilet, And Leave It Unbuttoned/Unzipped. Now For The Accessories! Add A Pair Of Beige Boot Socks And A Pair Of Brown Military Boots, Pulling The Socks Upto The Top Of The Boot So There Visable, And Tucking Your Jeans Into Your Boots, And Too Finish Off Add A Grey Flatcap And You've Got Traditional English Heritage.

Chinos Also Work Well For This Look So Swap The Jeans For A Pair Of Camel Skinny Chinos, Replace The Flatcap For A Dark Knitted Beanie, And Add A Tartan Rucksack. Swap Your Tartan Shirt For A Denim One For A Different Take On This Look And Your Set For A Day In The English Countryside! 

Monday, 12 December 2011

December 2011: "A Women Who Doesn't Wear Perfume Has No Future"

When Out And About, Whether It Be On A Night Out Or Shopping With Your Best Girlfriends, There Is One Thing You Should ALWAYS Wear, And That Is A Gorgeous Perfume. So Here's A Guide To My Top 5 Favourite Fragrances That Are HOT This Month!

At Number 5: Gucci's Newest Fragrance : Gucci Guilty Intense:

This Fragrance Is Perfect For You Floral Lovers Out There, But This Isn't Your Typical Sweet Like Marc Jacob's DaisyWith It's Mix Of Open Note Fragrances: Violet, Heliotrope & Lilac On Top Of It's Base Note Fragrances: Amber & Patchouli, The Fragrance Has A Darker Scent Instead Of Of A Typical Sweet Scent Often Used In Florally Fragrances. It Is Best Suited To Be Used In The Aumtum/Winter Season Because Of It's Slight Soft Spicy/Woody Scent. Save It For A Night Out Girls As It Has A Strong Use Of It's Intoxicating Floral, Powdery & Citrussy Smells!

I Give It 8.5/10!

At Number 4: A Gorgeous & First For The Shoe Makers: Jimmy Choo:

This Mix Of Sweet, Fruity, Florally Scents Is Mixed Perfectly And For Their First Perfume, Jimmy Choo Have Done An Amazing Job. A Mix Of Pair, Green Notes & Mandarin Orange Sit On The Top Note For This Perfume Which Is What Gives It It's Soft Sweet Fragrance When It Is First Smelt. An Open Note Of The Beautiful Orchid Smell Follows Which Sits On A Base Note Of Toffee And Patchouli. The Perfume Is Very Feminine Yet Posesses A Slight Empowering And Modern Effect To It, Particulary On The Gorgeous Glass Bottled It Is Housed In. It Is A Perfect All Round Perfume Especially In Spring/Summer Because Of It's Sweetness, And Don't Be Afraid To Have A Good Squirt Of It On For The Day Or Night!

I Give It 9.3/10!

At Number 3: Prada Candy, The ULTIMATE Sweet New Fragrance From Prada:

I Love This One, The Advert, The Bottle And Of Course The Perfume! When It First Came In At Debenhams (Which Is Where I Work) I Was Hooked, This Sweet Smelling Fragrance Is Perfect For You Sweeties Out There, It's Mix Of Musk For It's Top Note, Benzoin For It's Middle Note And Caramel For It's Base Note Is The Ultimate Sweet Perfume This Year And In My Opinion Is Prada's Best Ever. This Is Perfect For A Day Time Perfume As It Is Sweet As Aposed To A Hard Hitting Masculine Fragrance You Would Wear At Night Time.

I Give It: 8.8/10

At Number 2: I Love The Advert For This, Snap Your Fingers, Stamp Your Feet And You Can Have All The Things Your Really Want Thanks To Paco Rabbane: It's Lady Million:

This Sweet, Florally, Citrussy Fragrance Is One Of The Most Popular Around And Has Been For Several Years. With It's High Class Look And Feel, The Bottle Is Perfect To House This Fragrance In, And With Christmas Coming Soon The Gorgeous Giftsets Are Already Beginning To Fly Off The Shelves At Debenhams! The Rich, Warm, Feminine Ladylike, Perfume Has Some Gorgeous Fragrances Mixed In It, Starting With It's Base Notes, The Florals: Neroli, Amalfi Orange & Raspberry Giving It It's Rather Sweet Smell. Next We Have A Beautiful Mix Of Floral Smells For It's Middle Notes: Jasmine, African Orange Flower & Gardenia, Followed By It's Base Notes Of Sweet White Honey & Patchouli. This Is Perfect More For A Day Time Perfume As It Is Not Too Strong Because Of It's Sweetness From The Honey, But Would Be Nice As A Night Time Perfume Aswell, Because Of It's High Class Smell And Appeal!

I Give It: 9.6/10!

At Number 1: CHANEL's Most Signiture Fragrance: Coco Mademoiselle:

When It Comes To CHANEL Fragrance Is EVERYTHING, And This Perfume Really Is Everything: Day/Night, Summer/Winter, Any Time, Any Place. It's Mixture Of Citrussy, Woddy And Florally Smells Is Incredibly Intoxicating. It's Top Notes Of Orange, Mandarin Orange, Orange Blossom & Bergamont Are What Gives It It's Strong Citrussy Smell. It Houses It's Middle Notes With It's Florally Smells: Jasmine, Turkish Rose & Ylang-Ylang Followed By It's Base Notes, A Mix Of Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Opoponax, Vanilla, Vetiver & White Musk. All Of These Give The Perfume A Feminine Feel And Smell To It When First Smelt, But When It Is Smelt A Few Times Or Left On The Skin For A While, The Base Notes Kick In To Give The Fragrance A Masculine Smell To It Because Of It's Woody, Musky Smells. Perfect For ANY Woman Wanting To Conquer A Man's World!

I Give It: 9.9/10!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

December 2011: The Little Black Dress

With only fifteen days till Christmas (yikes), be sure to snap up your Christmas party dress for the season and show your colleagues how fabulous you are outside of work. I've selected two of my favourites from Debenhams and River Island and below I'll show you how to style them and make everyone style envy!

Wearing a show stopping dress is essential for a Christmas party, but remember: black isn't always boring. It can be jazzed up with fabulous accessories to make your style unique and eye-catching. Starting with River Island, this 60s style black dress is a great little find. Add some chunky gold earrings, some cream heels to bring out the detailing of the lining on the dress and a gorgeous gold clutch to match with your glamorous jewellery. Perfect!

Now over to Debenhams and with this beautiful lace and silk dress, life really is made fabulous especially if you'd rather have your arms a little more covered up. Add some gold earrings from Betty Jackson followed by this gorgeous bracelet from Butterfly By Matthew Williamson to make a statement. And to finish off? With shoes of course! Pop on a pair of chunky gold heels from Faith and you're good to go in this fabulous look.   

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December 2011: Cover Story: Coco Chanel

If you work in the fashion industry, it is clear to you that the name Coco Chanel is that of a legend. Her work and personal life spun many different twists and turns for the young entrepreneur, but at the age of 27 she put her skills to work to create a brand that is adored by millions of women, fashionistas, stylists, writers, editors, models and photographers, and that brand still bears her name and her legendary story to this very date.

It wasn't all glitz and glamour from the very start though for Chanel. As a child she was orphaned alongside her older sister after the sudden death of her Mother, and her Father not being able to keep them financially. When she turned 18, Chanel left the orphanage and became a seamstresses using skills she had picked up from sewing at a younger age. She also worked on stage and at various parties where she would meet Balson, a rich man that would later help her to meet the love of her life and the financier of her stores Arthur 'Boy' Chapel. She began creating straw hats, and women loved there simplicity, and that fact that you could still be feminine without all the feathers and the bows attached to them. Later on she finally raised enough money to begin selling what she was always destined to do, fashion of course! And her first ever catwalk fashion show was at her studio at 31 Rue Cambon in 1918, with it being smash hit. And the rest as they say is history! She went down as being the worlds most influential women to change the face of fashion, because she dared to be different, proof that being different, is always so much more fun, so much more daring and pays off oh so well. 

Working on the beauty & fragrance department at Debenhams is fabulous, especially at Christmas. Delving into a freshly delivered box to find it full of Chanel fragrances with the infamous double crested C on top staring back at me still makes me smile, and with Christmas creeping up on us, the wrapping is soon to come that we offer for customers! On every single piece of wrapping, whether it be bags or tissue paper, the Chanel logo lingers on them all telling everyone that sees its carrier that they've have something truly fabulous inside. Bleu De Chanel, a personal favourite of mine is perfect for any man wanting a woody, aromatic, masculine aftershave with it's on truly unique fragrance. From the moment that it arrived into the store, I knew that this was the true essence of me, like as if the aftershave was speaking on my behalf of how much I cared about my appearance.  For you ladies, what better way to conquer a mans world, than with a masculine but feminine fragrance? Yes that's right, you can combine the two with Coco Mademoiselle! This sweet and alluring fragrance is perfect for anytime, any place and combines so many different times it can be worn, because typically, a fragrance speaks for an occasion or a time of day to be worn. You've gotta treat yourself every now and then, eh ladies?

December 2011: 1960's

The 60's are back! So all you hippy lovers, here's a few tip on how to get into the swing of all things sixties! The little black dress is a great start, especially one with a white collar, if you would prefer not to spend a lot of money, get crafty by buying a collar and attaching it onto a dress that you already have for a 1960's twist.

Add a thin white belt around your waist to show it off and add a pair of white tights (it is winter after all). Next a pair of beige leather gloves and of course a pair of white round sunglasses. To finish this look off, add every girls favourite part of the outfits: shoes and a handbag! A pair of brown shoes with a small heel and lastly a small statement purplebox bag and there you have it, the swinging 60's! 

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